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How to fix WhatsApp verification code not received problem, Step by step with Photos.

Fix WhatsApp verification code not received


Hey guys it's Chaltrends. And today I'm gonna walk you through WhatsApp verification code not received, Time limit problem, 

It's pretty quick and simple so let's jump in. I'm going to walk you through first what to do if you're not receiving the code. A couple of settings to check on your phone and then walk you through a way around that time limit problem. 

Now first if I'm trying to log into my WhatsApp I have it on right now but say I'm trying to log in and I'm trying to get that verification code because I forgot a password. 

How to verify phone number in WhatsApp

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that our do not disturb Is not on so if I swipe down from the top to the bottom I bring up this menu and over here it has the half moon or just the moon if that is lit up that means it is on and you want to make sure that's turned off because that would redirect any kind of text messages away to a do not disturb mode so you won't receive them. 

How to turn off do not disturb mode in phone

Now if I get out of that and that is off the next thing you want to check is your settings, so if I go to settings get out of there once we're in settings go down to messages, here's your message control settings so we're just going to make sure a couple of these are accurate and then reset one of them. 

So the first one in iMessage right now if we just toggle it off and then toggle it back on it's going to reset we want that toggled on because that's how you're going to receive messages. 

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And right now you can see it says waiting for activation it was reset in the system. 

The next thing you want to do is check to make sure we have send as sms on right here and that is to get messages sms messages when iMessage isn't available and we definitely want that just in case that's how we're getting those messages from WhatsApp. 

The next thing we want to check is to make sure that filtered unknown senders is off, basically it will sort through any people who aren't in your contacts and separate them.

And you don't want that happening because these people you know not these people but the different social media websites like the WhatsApp when you're trying to get that verification code. 

If that is on then you're not going to receive it so once that's all done then you should be able to just get that WhatsApp verification code and go back and try to get that code again. 

Say we have a time code problem once you've tried to you know reset your verification code and you get iy wrong it keeps pushing back this time frame. 

So the first thing you want to do is that you want to do the call me option right after you've if it messes up one time go ahead and do the call me option because the more times you mess up the longer that time is going to be now. 

How to use call me option to receive WhatsApp verification code

So you don't have that option or you know really want to do it through the sms the way around this five hour wait is to reset your phone or trick your phone into thinking that it's been the five hours. 

So if I get this message saying five hours I'm gonna go out of here I'm gonna go into my settings we're in settings I'm gonna go to general, I'm gonna go to date and time and right now it's.

How to turn off automatic time and date on phone

Well mine is usually set to automatic we're going to turn that off and I'm going to click on that time and at the bottom I going to change it to 5 hours from now so its pretended.

Now my phone thinks and I can get out of there and now it went from the five hours so I can either just wait that minute and 38 seconds you know trick tricked my phone into thinking its been five hours or like  I suggest is doing the call me option that will call you and give you code you can type it straight in so there's no problem waiting for that text messages to come in or you know if the text messages is still not working because maybe a phone number error, You will know. 

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