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3 Ways to backup and restore WhatsApp messages on iPhone, Step by step with photos.


How to backup and restore WhatsApp messages on iPhone


What's up guys, welcome back to the CHALTREND. When you got a new iPhone, or you want to restore your phone to factory settings, you might be wondering how to back up and restore your WhatsApp messages. 

In this tutorial, we'll go over the 3 most - used methods. 

  • iCloud,
  • Ultdata, 
  • iTunes. 
With any of them, you'll be able to back up and restore your WhatsApp chats, images, documents, etc. 
So let's dove in!
We'll start with iCloud, no computer required for this one. So the first thing we want to do is head to settings, Your name, iCloud. 

How to open Apple ID

Scroll down and find the WhatsApp toggle.  if it's off, turn it on. 
If you don't see this toggle, make sure you have iCloud Drive turned on. So once we set it up, we can switch back to our WhatsApp. 
How to open iCloud

Remember to turn on iCloud Drive 

How to turn on iCloud Drive

Then open WhatsApp app On the bottom, we tap the settings tab. 
How to open WhatsApp chats in iphone
Open settings then open Chats

Then open Chat backup 

How to open WhatsApp chat backup

Next go to chats, and then chat Backup. Right here, you can see the date when your last backup was created. 

To create a new one, you can use the Auto Backup, And select a frequency. Or, you can just go ahead and Back Up Now, so it can create one right away. 
How long it could take depends on your backup size. You can also decide whether to include video in this process. So this is how to back p your WhatsApp to iCloud. 

How to backup chats in iPhone WhatsApp

Let's now go ahead and restore the WhatsApp messages back to our device. We are going to uninstall our WhatsApp first, and  then re-install it from App Store. 
Once done, open it up and verify the phone number. After retrieving credentials, we'll get this Restore from iCloud option. All we. have to do is tap restore chat history. 

Let's go ahead and check it out. see, the chats are back! All the text messages, images are still there, just like the way it is before. Next, I'd like to walk you through how to do this with 

Which is professional Data Recovery Tool. . So once we open it up. Plug the phone in. Tap trust this computer if prompted. Now on the home screen, we head over to the Backup and Restore Social App section, go to the WhatsApp tab. 
Then we can go ahead and start the backup. Ok, let's take a look at the backup files. There they are. 

How to use Ultdata to recover WhatsApp chat

We can literally view the chats and images on our laptop. Just like that. If you'd like, you can click on the recover to pc button. And then export them to any location on your laptop. Just like that.

Now let's see how to restore it back to our device. Like before, we should install WhatsApp from scratch. Then go ahead and click the recover to device button. 
Then hit recover now to proceed. The existing WhatsApp data will be overwritten in this process make sure to turn off find my on the device, then we can continue. 

This process restores WhatsApp only, not includes everything else like the way iTunes does. So when it completed, we can go ahead and verify our phone number. 
This time we don't have to restore from iCloud, for it's already restored by UltData. Just like That.

In the last part here, we'll show you how to back up and restore using iTunes. We'll still need to connect the phone with the laptop. For backup, make sure  we have checked this computer as the location, and then we can back up now. 
As I said before, this process includes not just WhatsApp, but everything on the device, so it could take much longer than Ultdata or iCloud. 

How to restore WhatsApp from iTunes in iPhone

Once finished, we can turn off find my iPhone, and then start restoring. The larger your backup is, the longer this process would take. 

Now that it's completed, let's continue with the setup. As we can see, all our applications are restored. We can now go to WhatsApp and verify our phone number. 

See, though it look a long time, iTunes did restore  our WhatsApp Messages back after all. 

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