How to easily transfer data from android to iphone, Step by step with photo.


How to transfer data from iPhone to android


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If you just turned to iPhone from android, I bet you must have lots of data to migrate, your photos, videos, music, apps, message and etc. 

So today, I'll introduce two easy and efficient way to help you transfer your data from your Android to iPhone.

Let's get started. 

1. Using {Move to iOS} to Transfer 

So the most common and easiest way to transfer, is by using Move to iOS App. By using move to iOS, you can easily transfer all the data on your android to your iPhone even the email. As you can see, here on my Android, I put some pictures, and videos, and here is music, and contacts. 

How to download and use move to iOS App

So first lets go to Google Play on your Android, and search Move to iOS. And install it.Once install, open it. So this is the interface. Before we start to move, we need to factory reset the iPhone. 


Go to settings, and Reset, and tap erase all content and settings. Then enter the passcode and tap erase. So after factory reset your iPhone. 

We can start to set it up. Here  I just skip the unimportant steps. When it goes to Apps and data we'll see there's an option called Move Data from Android. 

Tap it. So here goes the important part of today's post. We just tap continue on both phones, and tap agree on terms and conditions on Android. 

How to move data from android

On the iPhone it shows the code to enter on Android. 

Let's follow it. 

Then on Android, it'll ask to connect to a WiFi network that created by iPhone. We just tap continue  and connect. Let's wait for the transfer data screen to appear. Next, select the content that you want to transfer. 

How to select content to transfer from android to iPhone

We can move contacts and message history, photos and Videos and Mail accounts and calendars. As for music, we need to transfer manually. Some apps that are free and available on your region on both Google Play App Store will download automatically on your iPhone. 

Once confirmed, tap next. Even if your Android device says the process is complete, leave both your devices alone, until the loading bar on your iPhone competes.  

This process can take a little while. Wait for the loading bar on your iPhone to finish. Then tap done your Android. Now we can continue the set up on your iPhone. once done, data should be transferred. That's very easy. 

So the second way I'll introduce today, is by using an App called


What we need to do, is to download share it on both of your phones. You can easily find it on Google Play and App Store. 

Let's check out how it works. 

How to use and download Share It

Once it's downloaded on both side. and open it On your Android, it would be the sender, so we tap send button. What we can transfer are apps, photos, music, videos and other files. 


Let's try to send some photos to your iPhone. And we can see it's now searching for receivers. Let's turn to iPhone, tap receive button also on the upper left corner. It may takes a while for Android to find your iPhone, so just be patient. 

How to use Share It on android


IPHONE is detected. tap it And boom, the photos we selected have been transferred to your iPhone in seconds. It's super fast. 

How to download and use share It on iPhone

Let's check the album on your iPhone. we'll find that the transferred photos have been automatically saved. So this is how share it works. Also, many people use WhatsApp, neither move to iOS nor share it could help transfer whatsapp  message. 

3. WhatsApp Transfer Alternative

There is also a third - party tool that can help you solve this problem. It's called iCarefone for WhatsApp transfer. All you need to do is to connect both your phones to your computer. 

By following the instruction on the software, just a few steps, you can transfer the WhatsApp message without any problems. 

Definitely you should try it. 

Thank you.

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