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8 Must-Have Smart Door Locks with Cameras for Enhanced Home Security in 2024


Smart door lock with camera

Enhance Your Home Security in 2024: Top 8 Smart Door Locks with Cameras

The traditional deadbolt is rapidly becoming a relic of the past. For homeowners seeking to elevate their security measures in 2024, smart door locks with integrated cameras offer a compelling solution. These innovative devices combine convenience with advanced security features, providing peace of mind and remote monitoring capabilities. Here, we explore eight of the most impressive smart door locks with cameras currently available:

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock & Camera (4th Gen)

1. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock & Camera (4th Gen): 

This industry leader boasts straightforward installation, seamless integration with leading smart home ecosystems, and a built-in wide-angle camera for clear visitor identification.

Yale Assure Lock SL

2. Yale Assure Lock SL with Video: 

This sleek and dependable lock offers fingerprint unlocking, keyless entry with a PIN code, and a motion-activated camera that sends real-time alerts directly to your smartphone.

Schlage Encode Plus Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt with Camera

3. Schlage Encode Plus Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt with Camera: 

Packed with features, this lock boasts voice control compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, temporary access codes for guests, and a night vision camera with two-way audio for clear communication.

Samsung Smart Lock with Fingerprint Reader and Camera

4. Samsung Smart Lock with Fingerprint Reader and Camera: 

Ideal for tech-savvy users, this lock seamlessly integrates with Samsung SmartThings, allowing for remote monitoring and control from your smartphone. The integrated fingerprint reader offers a secure and convenient unlocking method.

Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock with Touchscreen & Camera

5. Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock with Touchscreen & Camera: 

This innovative lock features a built-in touchscreen keypad for easy access codes, along with a high-definition camera for capturing clear visitor footage, day or night.

Nest x Yale Lock (2nd Gen)

6. Nest x Yale Lock (2nd Gen): 

This sleek collaboration offers seamless integration with Google Nest devices, allowing you to lock and unlock your door with voice commands. The built-in camera features facial recognition for a personalized security experience.

Lockly Vision Smart Deadbolt with Camera

7. Lockly Vision Smart Deadbolt with Camera: 

This lock boasts a modern design and impressive battery life. The wide-angle camera captures clear visitor footage, and two-way audio allows for real-time communication.

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro with Video Doorbell

8. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro with Video Doorbell: 

This comprehensive solution combines a smart lock with a built-in camera doorbell, eliminating the need for separate devices and providing a unified security solution for your entryway.

Smart Door Locks with camera

Selecting the Optimal Smart Lock with Camera:

When making your selection, consider the following key factors:

  • Security Features: Fingerprint readers, two-way audio, and night vision cameras offer enhanced security.
  • Smart Home Compatibility: If you have an existing smart home system, choose a lock that integrates for a unified experience.
  • Budget: Smart locks with cameras range in price. Consider features and functionality when making your choice.
  • Installation: Some smart locks require professional installation, while others are DIY-friendly.


By incorporating a smart door lock with a camera into your home security system, you can elevate your security posture, enjoy increased convenience, and gain the ability to monitor your home remotely. With these top picks and a focus on your specific needs, you can find the perfect solution to enhance your home security in 2024.

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