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University of Michigan Scholarship for International students. Apply here

 Scholarships and Financial Aid - University of Michigan 

Scholarships for International students, Apply here


Try to be calm and read important information after visiting the application page, to know which scholarship is for you. Remember you are not reading newspaper, You are looking for opportunity which is important for your education and your future life.





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1: LSA Scholarships 

The LSA Scholarships Office awards a small number of International Student Scholarships each year to incoming LSA students. These awards are renewable for four years of study and recipients are selected based on information provided through their scholarship application and their undergraduate admissions application. 


International students admitted to the College of LSA should complete the International Student Scholarship application as soon as possible to ensure they are considered for these limited opportunities. Read on to learn more about our International Student Scholarships and the application process for incoming international students. 

What does the scholarship cover?

For qualified LSA students, the International Student Scholarship covers educational expenses such as tuition, room and board, and textbooks.

Amounts and Duration

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Award amounts can go up to 15,000 USD. All International Student Scholarships are renewable for four years of undergraduate study, provided students maintain eligibility by completing their requirements each academic year.

Application Deadline

The International Student Scholarship Application for the 2024-25 will be closed April 2024.

Please note: Our office will begin evaluating applications on a "rolling basis" versus waiting to review all applications after the hard deadline. Early determinations will be made and while there are no guarantees to awarding, the odds for applicants to be awarded increases with an early submission. Students who wait until the final deadline to apply may be disappointed to find that all of the scholarships have already been awarded. We encourage you to apply early!

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for an International Student Scholarship, a student:

> Must be an undergraduate admitted to a degree program in the College of LSA. Students will be considered even if they haven't enrolled yet. 

> Must NOT be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident.

> Must be enrolled (or intend to enroll) full-time (12 credit hours or more) each term.

Remember: You can only apply for the International Student Scholarship once you have been admitted to the College of LSA

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How do I apply?

The application process has four steps.

> Step one: Verify your Friend Account in Wolverine Access. Instructions to do this are below under the question: How do I verify a Friend Account? If you have forgotten your Friend Account password, you can reset it here. If you do not have a Friend Account, you can create one here.

> Step two: Once your Friend Account is verified, click here and log in to the LSA Scholarships application portal by using your Friend Account ID and password. If you do not verify your account, you will not be able to log in.

> Step three: Complete our general application. When asked which scholarship program you are applying to, click the box for the "International Student Scholarship."

> Step four: Once the general application has been submitted, you will then be directed to complete the application for the International Student Scholarship program. Submit this application for full consideration.

2: Scholarship from External Organization 

The following are external, non-University scholarship opportunities that may be of interest to University/College students. Inclusion of an external scholarship opportunity is intended only as a resource for students, and does not express or imply any University involvement with, or endorsement of, the external program.

> The Aga Khan Foundation’s International Scholarship Programme (ISP) 

The Aga Khan Foundation’s International Scholarship Programme (ISP) was established by His Highness the Aga Khan. The ISP aims to support gifted, outstanding students from developing countries, who have no other means of financing their studies, to pursue full-time postgraduate studies at reputable higher education institutions of their choice.

Selection Criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to apply for the programme:

* Excellent academic records.

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* Genuine financial need. Financial assistance is provided according to the needs of students, but the ISP must be considered a resource of last resort. Applicants must demonstrate that they have explored and secured multiple sources of funding. The award funding need is determined individually, by deducting from the eligible student expenses, the total of other grants, loans (if any), parental contribution and student employment income. All students are encouraged to try to reduce the amount requested from the Foundation by applying to other sources of assistance as well.

* Admission to a reputable postgraduate institution of higher learning. The programme gives priority to Master's degree courses but also considers applications for PhD studies. Local/regional universities and distance learning programmes are acceptable for ISP funding, if the quality of the courses is maintained.

* Strong professional experience, extracurricular achievements, volunteer contributions and leadership skills.

Application Process

Award recipients are selected through an annual competitive application process. At present, the ISP is available in: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada*, Egypt, France*, India, Kenya, Kyrgyz Republic, Madagascar, Mozambique, Pakistan, Portugal*, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uganda and the USA*.

[*Note: in Canada, France, Portugal and the USA,. applications are accepted from those who are originally from one of the above developing countries, are interested in development-related studies and who have no other means of financing their education.]

Applicants must be a national residing in one of the aforementioned countries. As applications are handled by local entities, interested individuals must liaise with the appropriate country-based unit (contact details provided below). E.g. applicants residing in India must apply via the local office in India, while those residing in Kenya must apply via the local office in Kenya, and so on.

 The Foundation only accepts applications of eligible nationals listed above who are residing in one of the countries where there are local Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), Aga Khan Education Services (AKES), or Aga Khan Education Board (AKEB) offices that process applications and interview candidates.

As the ISP must be considered a lender of last resort, preference is given to those who have been able to secure funding from alternative sources. Applicants are requested to make every effort to obtain funding from other sources, so that the amount requested from the Foundation can be reduced to a minimum. While not exhaustive, the following list of other scholarships and financial assistance programmes may be of interest to applicants.

Preference is given to young professionals under 30 years of age.

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Applications for short-term courses are not considered; neither are applications from students who have already commenced their postgraduate studies or who are enrolled in part-time programmes.

Application Timelines

The 2023-2024 cycle is now closed. The 2024-2025 cycle will open in January 2024. Interested students must contact the local office for application forms, deadline dates and application requirements, as these may vary by country.

Completed applications must be submitted to the agency from which the ISP application form was obtained. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Local scholarship committees may interview applicants about their financial situation, academic performance, extra-curricular achievements and career plans.

As this is a global, competitive award, final decisions are made by an international selection panel in July. Students who are part of the final, global round will be informed of the outcome of their application shortly thereafter.

Award Conditions

The ISP awards are structured as a half grant and half loan (i.e. 50 percent of the award amount needs to be paid back by the applicant). Scholarships for Master’s studies are granted for the entire duration of the degree course. 

For PhD students, scholarships are awarded for the first two years, after which students are expected to find funding from alternative sources.

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A cumulative service charge of five percent per annum is levied on the amount of the loan. The student's head of family or another guarantor is required to co-sign the loan agreement.

The repayment period is five years, starting six months after the earlier of the following events: a) graduation, b) termination of studies or c) the withdrawal of support following failure to meet the academic standards expected of ISP students. 

Those who pursue further education after completion of an ISP-funded programme are also eligible for a moratorium. Graduates who return to work in a developing country, and remain there, are eligible for a moratorium of two years.

The award covers tuition fees and living expenses for the student. The award does not cover living expenses for family members or the cost of international travel.

Contacts by Country

Please use the email or mailing address for the country where you currently live. If an email address is not available for the country where you live, then the programme is not available there.

- Afghanistan:, tel: 0093-790-022-125

Bangladesh:,, tel: (+880) 9606111000

Canada:,, tel: (613) 2372532

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Egypt:, tel: (2) 02 2506 1570


India:,, tel: (11) 47399700

Kenya:, tel: +254 709 763 000

Kyrgyz Republic:, tel: +996 312 97 62 47


Mozambique:, tel: (21) 490 515/519

Pakistan:, tel: (51) 111-253-254

Portugal:, tel: (21) 3949110

Syria:, tel: (11) 3343610/11

Tajikistan:, tel: (+992) 93 955 0178

Tanzania:, tel: (22) 2668651


United States of America:,, tel: (202) 2932537

> Alberta Scholarship Programs


Alberta's government offers scholarships and awards to encourage and reward the excellence of Albertans in post-secondary study.


> American Association of University Women, International Fellowships

For more than 130 years, AAUW has funded the educations of countless women so they could follow their dreams. From astronauts to zoologists, the recipients of AAUW’s fellowships, grants and awards represent nearly every imaginable field of endeavor.

Apply for AAUW’s Fellowships and Grants Today!

Follow in the footsteps of award-winning authors, scientists, scholars, changemakers, and community leaders. AAUW is providing more than $6 million in funding to 285 fellows and grantees in the 2023-24 award year. These exceptional recipients will pursue academic work and lead innovative community projects to empower women and girls. Will you be next?


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> e8, Sustainable Energy Development Scholarship Program

The Education for Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) scholarship program inspires the next generation of innovators and thinkers to create a sustainable future. Our scholars are exceptional students from developing countries studying in sustainable energy development.

Questions and answers

Today, the need for globally-oriented practitioners and researchers is growing rapidly. Our one-of-a-kind scholarship program fosters the next generation of energy, climate, and electricity sector specialists who will be prepared to tackle the challenges of the future.

APPLY HERE (Application open January 2024)

> Finlandia Foundation, National Scholarships

Thank you for your interest in our scholarship program. Each year, FFN awards funds for academic scholarships for post-secondary education, and a unique scholarship opportunity for law students in the U.S. and Finland.

APPLY HERE (Application open February 1, 2024)

> Organization of American States

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The OAS Academic Scholarship Program (Regular Program), established in 1958, grants scholarships every year for the pursuit of Master’s Degrees, Doctoral Degrees and Graduate Research leading to a university degree. The OAS Special Caribbean Scholarships Program (SPECAF), established in 1983, grants scholarships for the last two years of undergraduate studies to citizens and residents of the English-speaking Caribbean OAS Member States, and Suriname. 


> Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans 

Every year, The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans (PD Soros) supports thirty New Americans— immigrants or the children of immigrants—who are pursuing graduate or professional school in the United States. 

The 2024 application is open. Are you a New American who will be 30 or younger as of October 26, 2023, and who will be in graduate school full-time for the 2024-2025 academic year? Check out our eligibility requirements, learn about the Fellowships, and apply by October 26, 2023.


> The American-Scandinavian Foundation, Awards for Scandinavians

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The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) offers over $500,000 in funding to Scandinavians to undertake study or research programs at the graduate and post-graduate level in the United States for up to one year. ASF accepts applications from Danish students who wish to study or conduct research in the United States. The upcoming deadline is April 1, 2024. 

To learn more and apply, see ASF Fellowships for Danish Citizens to Study in the U.S. Candidates from Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden are recommended to ASF by our cooperating organizations. The number and size of awards granted annually varies by country. Awards are made in all fields. 


> The Norway-America Association

The aim of the Norwegian-America Association is to promote mutual knowledge and understanding between Norway and North America.  The historical and political ties between Norway, the US and Canada are strong, and we have a common value base. NORAM is working to ensure that new generations are to be known on both sides of the Atlantic, including through study and research studies for Norwegians and North Americans over a long time.


> World Bank Family Network, Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund

Margaret McNamara Education Grants (formerly known as MMMF) is a nonprofit, public charity founded in 1981 that awards education grants to exceptional women from developing countries who are at least 25 years old and enrolled at universities in the United States, Canada, France, and South Africa, and select universities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our organization draws inspiration from Margaret McNamara and her vision of education and gender equality. Margaret—wife of Robert McNamara, the World Bank's fifth president—advocated for the inclusion of gender and education issues in the Bank’s development programs. She was awarded the highest civilian distinction in the United States, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, in recognition of her important contributions.

APPLY HERE (Open page scroll down to apply)

> World Wildlife Fund, Russell E. Train Education for Nature Fund, Fellowship program

Russell E. Train Fellowships support individuals pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree in conservation and related fields. Each year, WWF supports committed conservation leaders and scientists from target countries to receive financial support for their studies and research.

APPLY HERE  (Try to be calm and read important information after visiting the application page, to know which scholarship is for you. Remember you are not reading newspaper, You are looking for opportunity which is important for your education and future life)

Thank you 

Remember our work is to simplify your process, and let you complete the rest. hope we are together on this.

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