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Princeton University Scholarships for International students, Apply here.

 Financial Aid, Princeton University 

Scholarships for International students, Apply here

Apply for Financial Aid 

Princeton is affordable. The University is a vibrant community that seeks to enroll students of all backgrounds and interests. We are a leader in ensuring admitted students can afford college, offering one of the strongest need-based financial aid programs in the country.

Below you will find information for prospective applicants. If you are an enrolled student, please visit the financial aid website for current students. 

To complete the Princeton Financial Aid Application, you must first apply for admission and create your Princeton Applicant Portal account. Instructions on how to set up your Applicant Portal are sent via email within 48 hours after you submit your admission application. The same credentials will be used to access the Princeton Financial Aid Application.

Financial Aid Forms and Deadlines

Early Action: November 9

Regular Decision: February 2 

Transfer Program: March 9


Applying for financial aid requires the following steps:

1, Complete your Princeton University Admission application: As part of your application, you will create a Princeton University application account using an email and password.

2, Complete your Princeton Financial Aid Application: After completing your Admission application, you can apply for financial aid. You will need your Princeton application account information to start your financial aid application.

- You may save your data and return to the application as many times as you wish before submitting; we will provide confirmation after we receive your application.

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- Once submitted, you cannot view or update your application. Please print or save a copy of the application before submitting. Any new information must be uploaded or sent by letter, fax or email.

- We do not require nor accept the CSS Profile for applying for aid at Princeton.

- We recommend that you view the Family and Household Status, Income Documentation and Reporting Your Assets and Expenses pages as they provide useful tips for completing your application.

3, Upload a copy of your parents' 2021 tax return and W-2 statements

- Once you submit the PFAA, you'll be able to upload tax documents. The required documents can be uploaded in the appropriate document type field. If needed, you can use the "other" field for additional documents.

- The tax return upload should include the Form 1040 federal income tax return, all schedules, W-2 statements, and schedule K-1s, if applicable.

- If your parent(s) do not file a U.S. tax return, you must submit an additional document in its place.

- Please review the Income Documentation page to be sure to submit the correct information.

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3, US Citizens and eligible non-citizen: As part of your application, you will be required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

- If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you are required to submit a FAFSA as part of your aid application.

- Make sure to include Princeton's federal school code, 002627, on the form to ensure we receive your completed FAFSA.

4, Submit noncustodial parent information, If your parent you are divorced, separated or unmarried and living in separate households, and your custodial parent is not (re)married, you are required to complete the noncustodial parent's form to be considered for need-based aid at Princeton.

- Please review the Family and Household Status page to learn more about this requirement.

5, Provide supporting documents: After your financial aid application has been submitted to Princeton, you will receive a notification to provide any required documents (e.g., tax forms) to complete your financial aid application.


Class of 2028 prospective applicants:

The 2024-25 Princeton Financial Aid Application will be available October 2, 2023.

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