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How to make YouTube video go viral.


How to make YouTube video viral

Before discussing the way to make video viral let know things that may help video to go viral

It all depends on your video and the retaining of the viewer on that video. See YouTube's system gives chance to each and every video which are uploaded on YouTube. Below are some reasons how videos on YouTube goes viral:

1, Audience retaining: First reason of getting your video on viral is that your video must be watched till end by atleast equal number of Subscribers your channel has.
2, Subscribers: The more numbers of subscribers your channel has the more chances are there to get your video on viralShare: 
3, Share, people sharing your videos will also help your video to go viral.
4, Likes: The more likes you get on your video will help YouTube algorithm to understand that audience are liking your video and it will automatically show your video on suggestion list.

Remember in first I said that YouTube gives chance to each and every video. So make your thumbnail interesting so that people click on it, then make sure to make your video interesting so that people watch it till end, this will allow them to give your video to get like and share. Getting more people to your video will eventually get it to reach on trending list and later on viral.

Here is the combo for going viral on YouTube.

1, Timely

Jump on trends. Something that is happening now and is getting a lot of news attention will make it easy to go viral.

For example if you did something funny on election day about the election results, it has a MUCH higher chance of going viral.

2, Tell a story

Let your video tell a story. Make it so they have to watch to the end to see what is going to happen.

For example if you started the video with you holding a bucket of water over someones head, then moved backwards and started at the beginning, they are hooked.

They need to know if you will dump the bucket or not!

They watch the entire video. YouTube loves that. They promote you and make you go viral.

3, Clickbait thumbnail + Title

Sorry to say it but this is essential. A clickbait thumbnail that makes the user say “what is going to happen next!?”

Something like “Did Donald Trump Really Just Say This?”.

This is not an easy task, especially when the YouTube video flow is so huge, but it is possible.

First, I would suggest finding a 'hot' topic that you notice is gaining popularity in the last couple week or two. That can be beauty tips of a new fresh brand, travel videos to a summer destination, challenges of all sorts, games reviews, new movies coming up and so on. You should think inside the box, but outside the box when it comes to your interpretation of the video.

Second, use your social media platforms. Use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. If you are not on social media, there's a slight chance your video will get the proper exposure.

Another thing - keep it simple and spot on. No lengthy introductions, not too much going around and about - cut to the chase and deliver! No one will watch a video that seems to be going nowhere.

Use all the YouTube SEO tools properly- this is a whole topic and there's plenty of online info. If you have no idea what I'm talking about- start with this.

Last but not least, you can use bought views. Not fake bots that will destroy your video, but real genuine views like YouTube ads. About 95% of the people I know have no idea how to use Ads properly, so I suggest you contact professionals (like Get-fans, and others, but I used their services a few times and that was great, all Ads views), and that can seriously lift your video high and above your expectations.

I can go on and on, but I believe these are the top tips to making your video boost and exposed on YouTube, and eventually becoming a super successful viral video.

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