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How to spot Real vs Fake Nike Air Jordan 1 University Blue, Tips, Comparison.


Real vs Fake Air Jordan Comparison


So here Is your look a retail and fake pair of the air Jordan 1 high in the university blue colorway can you tell which one is fake. 

Hello and welcome back , today we're doing a pretty exciting comparison for you and its between two pairs of the university blue Jordan one. 

one is a retail pair and one is a fake, 

The jerk mark is the standard for sneaker authentication and is the safest and most reliable place to get your sneakers authenticated and if they're as close as these are you're going to want to get them checked. 

So there's a link in the description If you want to check them out so I've been catching a lot of luck on sneakers recently and I managed to pick up two pairs of the university blue one was direct through sneakers through their exclusive access. 

So we'll just be breaking down some of the differences if you're trig to purchase a retail pair so on my ;eft we have the retail pair here and as you can see if I put the box on top. 

The size difference is pretty dramatic so the fake one is lot smaller than the retail one it's probably about three centimetres in width smaller and then in lighth it's probably. 

Maybe abut five centimetres difference in there the box is incredibly small or a fake pair even though, these shoes are the same size, So now if we take a look at the box label and I'll give you a close-up of this we can see once again the fake one has based it on the us label. 

This seems to be a common occurrence the retail one obviously I purchased in the UK so it doesn't have the us price sticker on the side also if we take a look at the USA size 10 you can see the difference in front on the fake one, is much thinner than retail one which is much thicker text. 

And this seems to be a common occurrence all across the sticker once again but the retail one is much thicker than the fake one nowhere if you look at the air Jordan one text where it says retro high og. 

This is larger on the fake one compared to the retail but nobody here really wants me to stand and talk about the boxes for the whole Post. 

So I'll open up and and we'll take a look at the shoes so as you can see the fake box is much smaller and the shoes just fit into it whereas on the retail one there is plenty of space foe the shoes to move around. 

So here is your first look a retail and fake pair of the air Jordan 1 high in the university blue doorway can you tell which one is fake?. 

So now we've moved the boxes to the side we'll take a closer look at the shoes and spot some of the differences between a retail and fake. 

These are incredibly close so the first thing to note is actually interns of the color itself and I'll give you a close-up of this if we take a look a t the back and you can look at that nubuck, suede on the back you can see there is a color difference between retail and fake the fake one the suede is slightly lighter than the retail one. 

And this is the difference that can be spotted under studio lighting oil the back of the fake pair there is a glue mark on the heel however as many people know the retail pairs of these were incredibly badly quality checked. 

Fake vs Real Comparison

There was makerd glue stains all over retail pairs I actually got pretty lucky with pair and there wasn't too many marks but some of my friends completely ruined their retail pairs before they've even unboxed it. 

I have to say if I give you a close-up of the toe box area that white leather on the toe box is incredibly close retail to bake if you look from the upper view you can see there is a difference in shape between retail and fake however the in terms of leather quality,. 

The vape has done an incredible job of this in the left shoe you can that they do come with spare university blue laces and if I give you  a close-up of this can see differences here. 

Once again so if we compare retail to fake you can see there is a clear color difference once again on the retail one it's a much darker university blue than the fake one which is a lighter university blue. 

So they haven't quite got the shade of blue the correct color looking at the tongue of both pairs and gin-bing you a close-uo of the nike air logo in the tongue you can see differences here once again. 

So if we look at the placement of the nike air on the label you can see that the placement is slightly different you can see that the air logo at the bottom is placed slightly higher and the label is actually a lot smaller and tighter on the fake pair compared to the retail one. 

Turning this around to the other side you can also see that the made in china logo is placed much lower on the fake one compared to the retail one this looks likely because the label on the fake one is a smaller and more tighter made lAbel than the retail one. 

Looking from the side here and I do have the fake one on top we can see shape on he side is pretty much exactly the same the fake ones have done a spectacular job as replicating the side shape of the shoe spinning the shoe around to the back and looking at that hourglass shape on the back the fake one has done a pretty good job. 

At this hourglass shape however it is still slightly too chunky but this is as close as I've ever seen it form a fake pair taking a close look at the Jordan wings logo.

And I'll give you a close-up between real and fake here you can see that one the fake one it ind of looks like there's a lack bordering around the air Jordan text whereas the retail one is much more cleanly printed on. 

And you can see clear differences here I do have to say however the stitching quality on the fake pair is really not many errors at all over the shoe it seems very well made spinning the shoe upside down and taking a look at the tread and I'll give you a close-up of this you can actually see. 

There's a clear difference in color once again on the retail pair the read on the bottom is a lighter university blue and this time the fake one has gone for a more dark color I'm not too ure why they kind of mix the colours up between the suede on the top. 

And the bottom color but there are differences to notes if you take a look at the shoe from underneath now if we take out the shoe tree we'll compare these when looking at them directly there really is no difference at all on the retail one on the inside. 

It does say die cut does not appear so as you can see from this comparison they are incredibly close bit there still are small details you can look for if you are trying to purchase a retail pair however please be careful is you are trying to buy a retail pair because nike QC on these was absolutely terrible. 

So there are a number of flaws alll over the shoe and fakes are getting so so close. 

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