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10 Highest Salary Paying Countries for Expats.


10 Highest Salary Paying Countries for Expats.


There are many valid reasons why you should consider relocating and working abroad but for many the biggest draw is the chance to significantly increase their earning potential sure nice weather and living fantastic location are great incentives. 

But money is often the real driving factor certain countries strive in different industries depending on their climate economy and ultimately on what positions are most needed. 

In different regions the countries mentioned in this Post are ranked according to their average monthly income and minimum wages which are published by the international labor organisation. 

However one should also consider the local cost of living and taxes all in all it will depend on your career prospects and possibilities to find a job none of these countries. 

The average monthly income are expressed in u.s dollars so here are 10 high salary paying countries to work. 


Belgium holds the number one spot on the global workplace happiness index the index measures not only how happy employees are with their jobs but also their confidence in the local economy and their chances of finding their next job. 

As well as their satisfaction in their career prospects in the next few years additionally this small nation has three official languages flemish Dutch French and German a good part of its work force also speaks English. 

The average monthly salary in this country is estimate to be around 4 700 this is a very reasonable amount considering the cost of living in Belgium is relatively lower than other European Union states furthermore foreign employees are issued with a work permit and labor card within 10 to 15 days.

As such Belgium has one of the fastest and most flexible procedures in Europe. 

10 Highest Salary Paying Countries for Expats.


The global competitiveness report need Singapore as the world's second prospering economy as he economy is booming Singapore companies are hungry to acquire overseas specialists offering top salaries and lucrative benefit packages to attract highly skilled workers and talents with a median salary of forty eight hundred dollars per month. 

Engineers can earn up to eighty thousand dollars annually whereas general practitioners usually receive around one hundred thousand dollars per year additionally the personal income tax rate is quite low in Singapore for non-residents a flat rate of 10 percent is paid as income tax on all the income gained while staying in Singapore. 

For those with a residence permit the income tax can range from zero to four percent if the earnings are less than seven thousand dollars in addition all of your earnings gained overseas and brought to the country are not subjected to any taxes. 

10 Highest Salary Paying Countries for Expats.


Australia is the only country in the southern hemisphere featured on the list of the highest salaries in the world by country apart from beautiful beaches and terrain. 

The sparsely populated country is a true economic powerhouse australia also has a welcoming immigration policy especially for those willing to study in the country and then start a career in australia right after however some of these immigration policies are on a halt due to the pandemic. 

Nevertheless the average monthly income is estimated to be around 4 800 but keep in mind benefit costs in australia are not among the highest and the taxes will take a lot of your salary package furthermore out has a multicultural society with people from different parts of the world coming and settling here. 

In fact 43 of Australians have parents of overseas origin or were born overseas. 

10 Highest Salary Paying Countries for Expats.

7.  United States OF AMERICA. USA

Not only has the largest economy in the world but also some of the highest salaries the country has the overall highest total GDB among all nations. 

And the US dollar is considered as a global reserve currency the usa is also home to some of the biggest tech companies which have some of the highest it salaries in the world as the u.s 

Is such a large country salary rates may differ drastically depending on where you are based but you can expect to befell recompensed if you work in one of its tech hubs such as san Fransisco Austin or New York city. 

The average gross wage in the United States is 60 000 per year while the average monthly income is around five thousand dollars. 

10 Highest Salary Paying Countries for Expats.


More people are flocking to Germany for their opportunities and benefits everyone from college graduates to workers close to retiring. 

If you're considering starting your own business even better Germany is one of the best countries to form your own startup the unempleynmeny rate in Germany right now is a mere 3.6 percent. 

Compare that to the European Union's overall unemployment rate of 7.6 percent and it's easy to see hat Germany's economy is booming it has many benefits for their employees particularly more. 

So that other countries for one the minimum wage in Germany is projected to rise through the years as europe's largest economy currently. 

The average monthly salary in Germany is estimated to be above five thousand dollars additionally its employment laws are generally more favourable to workers especially their termination protection collective bargaining agreements. 

10 Highest Salary Paying Countries for Expats.


Despite the fact that the Netherlands is a small country it has a relatively small population they've managed to make thir economy one of the biggest in the world the country has an above average level of economic growth and an enviably low rate of unemployment. 

While the dutch complement their well-paid jobs with a famously comfortable lifestyle its average only income is around five hundred dollars and for those starting their own business the dutch government. 

Also helps small businesses to grow by simplifying bureaucracy offering tax break and continuously updating government policies a thriving economy offering a wealth of job and career opportunities is one of the best reasons to work in the Netherlands. 

10 Highest Salary Paying Countries for Expats.


Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world attracting qualified workforce to he country on a constant basis its capital Oslo offers a high quality of living. 

And maybe the idea place for professionals seeking career growth while this is downiest by high living costs Norway is a strikingly beautiful place to live and as with most Scandinavian countries it is run by a socially progressive government the average monthly income in this country. 

Is roughly around fifty seven hundred dollars there are many employment position available in Norway for foreigners most of these jobs are in the oil shipping and fishing industries it is considerably easier to land a job in Norway if you are an eu citizen. 

10 Highest Salary Paying Countries for Expats.


Is a tiny nation in Western Europe bordering Belgium France and Germany with a small population of just over 600 000 inhabitants Luxembourg also happens to be one of the countries with the highest salaries in the world. 

The average gross wage in luxembough is seventy thousand dollars per year while the average monthly income is around fifty seven hundred dollars expats mostly benefit from the strong high-tech driven service sector of the country and the recently introduced special tax exemptions for expats working in Luxembourg. 

One of the top economic sectors in the country is banking and executives can be up three hundred thousand dollars per year. 

10 Highest Salary Paying Countries for Expats.


Dernmark is a Scandinavian nation with some of the highest living standard in the world that tax rate here is very high but the government spends the money for health care program care program education and social program. 

So its citizens do not even hesitate to pay taxes the country is oftentimes ranked as the happiest nation in the world although the metric are quite subjective what is not subjective about Denmark are its high salaries considerably above its southern neighbour Germany. 

Minimum wages in Denmark are not defined but still this country has the lowest income inequality in the world the most interesting thing is that there is no foreign debt on this country here employees receive an average monthly income of six thousand dollars. 

Apart from high salaries Denmark is one of the easiest countries to do business in the world. 

10 Highest Salary Paying Countries for Expats.


Is a tiny landlocked nation right in the heart of Europe unlike most of its neighbours Switzerland is not part of the European Union and does not use the euro single currency having its won currency and one of the most solid banking systems in the world are just some of the advantages allowing Switzerland. 

To maintain and grow its wealth over the past centuries it comes as no surprise that Switzerland has some of the highest salaries in the world. 

The average monthly income in Switzerland is roughly around 6 500. 

10 Highest Salary Paying Countries for Expats.

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