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Podcast that changed my life, It will change yours too. Make 2023 better year

Best podcast to listen


Hey guys welcome back to chaltrends news! so from around 2019 through to 2022 I listened to about 500 podcasts episodes and to be honest other than books probably podcast are the single biggest source of inspiration and idea. 

And learnings that I've basically ever had in my life. So let's start off with interviewee type conversational type podcasts and the number one on this list is 


Which I first started listening to I think around 2016. This is the podcast that I've listened to the most episodes of and even though I've only listened to a few dozen episodes out of the several hundred he's got in the back catalogue. 

I would say that this is probably the single biggest pop podcast that's most changed my life and mainly for me the value of the Tim ferris show has been in hearing Tim ferries interviewing people who I might not have have otherwise come across. 

Tims ferris show podcast

There's a few episodes in particular that come to mind there was one interview that he did with a chap called Derek rivers who then I really enjoyed his appearance on the podcast and then I followed all of Derek's work, And read all his blog posts and read his books.  

Also A few years ago I also listened to an episode that Tim Ferriss did with mr money moustache who is a financial independent and early retirement type blogger on the internet and I'd never heard of this financial independence movement until I listened to that episode. 

And then I was like this is interesting and I went down the rabbit hole of the fire movement financial independent retired early and I discovered mr money moustache and a bunch of other personal finance bloggers and it was through reading all that stuff a few years ago that it really started to take things like investing. 

And you how budgeting and trying to more money all of that stuff a bit more seriously and more recently the various episodes that Tim's done on crypto intervening kind of experts on the world of crypto has helped me go down that rabbit hole as well. 

And so really  the reason I recommend the Tim Ferris show to everyone is not that you'll get some amazing productivity tips or some business advice or anything like that it's more that it's just a really cool way to discover interesting people. 

And then if you vibe with their ideas that you hear in the podcast then you can choose to follow those rabbit holes. 


Which is podcast by Shane parish of Farnham street and that's also an interview type podcast it is a bit more low-key than the Tim ferris show but chain also has like really cool. 

And interesting guests on in fact the first time I heard of a guy called naval ravikant was on his episode of the knowledge project and that episode was just packed with so much value and I remember the feeling of listening to it and just my mind being brown like 24 7. 

For the three hours while I was listening to it and then obviously I discovered naval and kind of went on rabbit hole exploring his tweets exploring his plot his own podcast even buying his book that came out well not his book a book that came out recently called the almanac of naval rapcont. 

The knowledge project podcast

Which is very god and has like a distillation of his wife wisdom there was also a good episode of the knowledge project where he interviewed Easter peril who's a relationships expert who writes a lot about this and does relationships counselling.  

And that again was an incredible mind-blowing episode that then introduce me to the work of Easter peril so again the way I seethes interview podcasts it's not like hey every single podcast I'm talking insights away from it. 

Although that is true in fairness I've forgotten most of them because I don't really have a good process for taking notes and revisiting them. 

But it's more like wow I really enjoyed the interview with that person therefore I'm going to explore their content a little bit more. 


We have deviate by Rolf Potts now rothpods of the chap who wrote a book called vagabonding which I also discovered through Tim ferris and what Rolfe did was that he spent I think 20 years ago he'd he spent some large amount of time just like traveling around the world with himself. 

And a suitcase and writing about that experience of kind of being a vagabond and he did this way before this solo travelling stuff was cool. 

So I read the book because Tim ferris said he had an impact on him so I read the book really liked it and then when Rolf port started his own podcast I started listening to that and now this is a bit less in the way of like business advice and stuff. 

Deviate podcast

But it's more like a generally interesting life type podcast because he tends to interview people who are also into the whole traveling thing one of the real values I get from things like that is that you've probably heard that thing that you've probably heard that thing that you are the average of the people. 

The five people closest to you and the sort of people that you have around you do tend to define your kind of box like you know your box of possibilities in life and so if you're friends with a bunch of people or you know your parents are friends with a bunch of people who are all doctors chances are you're gonna this medicine thing is pretty cool equally. 

If you start to become friends with people who are tech founders or you tubers suddenly starting a startup or starting  a youtube channel is going to seem like a totally normal thing to do. 

And you're more likely to do it and I think the value of podcasts like this is in the fact that it exposes you to people that you might not have come across before. 

And so I never really seriously considerer the idea of long-term traveling because it just it was out it was outside my box of possibilities but then when I started listening more to Roth Potts and the people he interviews it. 

Now it then became more of a thing and sort of expanded my horizons a bit that this is something that people can do and I can do it as well and by the way if you want to check out any of these podcasts. 

Also links to all the books that I'm mentioning in this post, so you can check those out if you like. 


Now bookworm is not a very mainstreaming podcast Tim ferris Shane Shane parish these are all fairly mainstream. 

But bookworm is a bit of a bit of a hidden treasure I think and it's these two dudes in America we just talk about books like every week they read a new book or every other week and then they discus it and so I've actually found a bunch of book recommendations through the bookworm. 

Podcast that I might not have come across before this one make time is a book that I discovered through the book one podcast and so I read the book and I really liked it. 

Bookworm podcast

And also I discovered this through the bookworm podcast and there've been a bunch of books where if  should read this book and then hearing these two guys in the book one podcast discuss the book has either made me decide to read it or decide to not read it and either way it's been a way of saving time and just listening to an interesting conversation about interesting stuff like books.


We have not overthinking now not overthinking Is actually the weekly podcast that I do with my friend this has been going on for the last three years. 

If you didn't know it was a thing it's a thing we have a youtube channel We do video podcast as well and he and I just talk about you know life and happiness and anything in between that's on our minds. 

Not overthinking podcast

So when I was going through my podcast history I found that I've really listened to episodes of not overthinking about like somewhere around about 15 times just because it's kind of interesting and it's now particularly interesting looking at the back catalogue like you know three years ago. 

What's the sort of stuff me and my friends were thinking about again. 


Was kind of the of the model that we used to start my own podcast recently a few months ago called deep dive with alibdal again we have youtube channel for that it'll be linked down below and it's also available on all the podcast platforms and every week. 

We have basically a long form interview like me having a conversation with someone else and so I;ve interviewed a bunch of authors and creators and entrepreneurs and other cool people and we just talk about you know how they find fulfilment In work And in work and in life. 

The Diary of a CEO podcast

So you can check that out if you like this was this was kind of the culmination of me having listened to these sorts of interview podcasts for the last five years and deciding you know what this actually seems like a cool way to connect with people I want to do one of these things myself. 


Let's move on to the category of health podcast and that is the hubermann lab that's a podcast I've started listening to fairly recently when I decided hey I was going to take more care of my health and the human lab podcast is amazing it's by this guy called Andrew Huberman who is a professor of Neurobiology and ophthalmology and each episode he does a deep dive into a specific part. 

The Humberman Lab podcast

What the science says about how we can live kind of healthier better lives and so one episode in particular that's really had an impact on me is this episode all about optimising sleep. 

And he goes through the evidence in about three hours and he talks he brings in a bunch of studies and he turns it into this actionable advice that you can do right now to just automatically level up your sleep. 


Which is listened to a few dozen episodes of and started listening to I think when it first came out and the premise of my first million is that these two guys Sean and sam were interviewing people about how they made their first million dollars which just like super interesting and so for the first like several dozen episodes. 

They were interviewing these cool people and kind of riffing on business ideas with them and trying to underhands how they started these like interesting business that ended up getting to million dollars these days the focus of the podcast has changed a bit it's now more about sam and Sean sort of kind of breaking down other creators who've done real well or businesses or just riding on business ideas by themselves. 

My First Million podcast

And to be honest one of the main things I've taken away from this is just the general meta idea that making money on the internet through business it's actually not that hard there are load of people doing it and there are loads of models for it. 

And no you don't have to make a YouTube channel where you have your face on camera kind of giving advice there are zillions of business models that you can do and just hearing how other people really helpful in just sparking ideas in my own head like, 

If I wasn't doing this YouTube channel thing and this wasn't going well I could do this or that oand the more confidence I get that even if this whole youtube channel goes to part and everything dies I could probably start again completely from scratch and just build another business. 

And it would be super fun and I'd enjoy the journey and it could probably be reasonably successful after sometime as well and the weird thing is that like I speak to a bunch of people who want to start business like you know there's friends of mine there's like colleagues when I was working as a doctor and also when I used to do fan meet-ups you'll be like I really want to start this business. 

And I'd be like what podcast you listen to and they'll be like I don't really listen to podcasts okay what you know what books have you read about business I don't really read okay there's just it just completely baffles me as to like there is so much knowledge out there interns of how to build and grow a business you know there's like so many books, audiobooks they're basically free they're very cheap. 

And you know I'm sure you can find a way to get them for free if you absolutely need to podcast podcast everywhere are completely free the amount of knowledge you can get from podcast from other people who have built million -dollar plus businesses riffing on business idea's it's just absolutely astronomical. 

And so over the last few years I've really been shoving podcasts and audio books and books down the throats of people I've met who are like I want to start a business and make money on the internet. 

But I don't know how it's like do listen to podcast and you will find out how next we have a podcast which is on the same vein as my first million. 


But a little bit less clickbait it's called indie hackers and that's really interesting because it's interviews with indie developers like individuals who in their own bedrooms or in their own like you one -man band have started  internet business that have made you a thousand dollars a month 10k a month 100k month a million dollars a month just through again all sorts of different things you know. 

There's people who've like bought and sold domain names the people who built website builders people who've done like messaging apps like people who've built all sorts of things on the internet and these are interviews where they explain how they did it. 

Indie hackers podcast

And what the though process was and how they came up with the ideas and how they grew and what the feeling is now that they're sitting on his you know making five million a year of this one software thing. 

Where it's just them and one of their mates just doing it together and I used to listen to this a lot when I was in the software thing because I used to code and would software apps and stuff and it would always gibe me some rally ideas for businesses that I could do and so again if I lost everything on this News!.

The way I'd get back to making money again would probably be through coding up some kind of software product and I'd be kind of binging the indie hackers back catalogue for ages to be like okay let me find some ideas in here next we have 


We have a pair of podcasts Noah pagan presents and online marketing made easy by Amy porter field so Amy and hah they're both like marketing type podcasts and they both like sometimes do interviews sometimes do solo episodes I remember. 

So for Noah pagan I listened to 20 of this episodes and for online marketing made easy I listened to 12 of her episodes around about 2019 2020, when I was focused on like how do we market this business how do we grow our courses all that kind of stuff and that was super useful. 


And then we have the naval ravine podcast this is a really good book the almanac of novel rubicon I mentioned him when I discovered him on the street podcast he has his own mini podcast where it's not regular thing. 

Naval podcast

He's just recorded a bunch of episodes expanding on his ideas of how to get rich without getting lucky and it's really good again link in the description if you want to check out any of these next we have a few podcasts related to being a you tuber. 


The last in this list is the video creators podcast by a chap called TIM SCHMOYER and his team I've listened to 31 of this episode in the last like 12 18 months or so I don't listen to them religiously because they have like posts ,of varying advice for YouTuber. 

Video creators podcast

And then we have 


Is one of my kind of internet Guru idol type people he's not everyone's cup of tea but if you can get over kind of the kind of brash way that he talks the advice that the gives and the way that he's built a billion dollars business with a team of 1500 people while also doing his like just making loads and loads of content on the internet as a side hustle. 

And how he's been doing that for the ;past like 10 plus years since way before it was Cool it's just like super inspiring and Gary's always seems to be the forefront of what is going on in the world. 

So he was you know encouraging people to get on tiktok way before it was cool he was encouraging people to get on linked way before people started blowing up on linkedidn he's been pushing this whole NFT thing. 

And if I actually had listened to more of his podcast episodes in the last sort of 12 months I would have probably jumped on the NFT craze a lot sooner than I actually did and the we have five podcasts of the are run by creators or creator friends. 

So there's that creative life by Sara dietschy there's the Stallman podcast by Tyler 

Exclusive podcast which I've been a patron patron of his for the last few years so that's an interesting podcast there's the Matty and peach show which is Peter micknnon and Happy and there's the Tuxedo Time podcast which is Becky and Chris. 

So there are either creators that I'm friends with actually no all of these guys started off as creators that admired on the internet and for most of them. 

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