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The ultimate beginners guide to starting FIFA 23 Ultimate team, Best possible mods.


Guide for FIFA 23


Today I'm going to be giving you guys my ultimate beginner's guide to FIFA 23 ultimate team starting off the game can be a little bit overwhelming and you know I want to help you guys get off to the best possible path I'll show you guys how to make coins I'll show you kind of the best mods to play when you're starting off and even what to do if you do have some FIFA points. 

So without further ADO let's get into step one so obviously when you first load up into ultimate team you're gonna be asked a bunch of questions and kind of go through the little tutorial phase so go ahead complete that choose your starter packs ETC it doesn't really matter what you choose just go ahead and choose one of the more popular Nations like England France or whatever. 

And if you've already done that it's all right it doesn't really matter once you get past that you're going to get your welcome backpacks from EA go ahead and open those and keep everything to start off. 

Now that the full game is out I would go and just keep everything possible that you get from those packs and the first thing that we're going to go ahead and do is complete any of these basic SBC the foundation so you'll only see foundations one and then the rest of it will pop up afterwards and the reason why we're going to do. 

This is because we do get little pack rewards and I did not complete these just yet but you'll see that these packs are all actually tradable which means that you can sell the players inside which is really good and it's something that we want to do and you know you get a few more extra gold cards once happens you'll likely have at least a decent selection of players where you could finally build a small team together and that's exactly what I did I actually haven't bought a single player. 

This is all players that I was able to pack so just put something together that you can play in and it's time to start jumping into some of the modes now I recommend actually playing g foot moments I think this is the new mode, is so fun it's something new into FIFA essentially all you do is complete these little foot stars can be used to redeem rewards in the game. 

And if you go to seasonal there's actually some pretty decent rewards there's actually a really good pack at the end that I already claimed but go ahead and just do them get some of these players packs you can go ahead and even grab the 7.5 k packs if you really want to and I do recommend that you guys end up getting the ultimate draft token as well but this is a great quick way to make coins I also recommend if you're kind of new to FIFA. 

If you're not a great player go ahead and play squad battles to start off get a feel for what the gameplay is like the rewards are rather decent you can get some decent coins some more decent players and slowly build up your team if you want the challenge go straight and play division Rivals the rewards are probably going to be better the games will probably be a little bit more entertaining. 

And you'll just slowly start doing that and playing in between those two modes and eventually you'll get you know modes and eventually you'll get you know coins packs ETC the slow way if you are someone that does load up FIFA points or you pre - ordered and got FIFA points as the pre-order go ahead and play single player draft this is a great way to get easy packs all you do is go and select a team start on beginner difficulty because the rewards are the same on beginner or legendary. 

And just score a goal sit back and get free packs basically for doing that is another great way to kind of build up coins slowly and kind of open some packs so once you kind of get that done and you got a little playing system going on there's obviously way more into the game than just doing that of course playing wise you want to start qualifying for foot champions which is where the most competitive possible players go into and it's where the best possible rewards are. 

But that's all kind of gameplay aside the rest of it is rather easy to do so how else can we you know kind of get other rewards and stuff go ahed and start completing objectives with the season pass there's actually some good pack rewards you can also get some players some lone players ETC so go incomplete objectives this is something that you can do while just playing the game in general you know play two game two matches today in any mode win a match in any mode. 

So I mean some of these objectives are very easy to do and then there are some where you can get little players there are different little sets where you can get packs ETC so it's pretty easy and then the Milestone as well these are really easy to do too. 

Now highly recommend at one point especially if you're doing draft like playing you know whatever games you're doing squad battles take some time just to get these objectives done like scoring 500 goals with a squad rating of 80 plus. 

I know it sounds extremely overwhelming and it seems impossible to do but if you just set like Squad battles on beginner mode for example beginner difficulty score as many goals as possible it'll take you probably like two hours to do. 

But you'll end up getting in 100K pack which is 24 players 24 rates the best possible pack that you can get from any rewards just by doing that and you can you'll end up packing something decent and there's also a 50K pack. 

I believe you get on the way if you score 100 finesse goals you get a rare players pack which is 12 uh 12 gold rare so just doing this on your way is another great way to kind of get started I believe the same thing is can be done with the assist Mastery as well as you can see if you assist 500 times with a squad rating of 75 plus which should be easy after all the packs you open you also get in 100k pack which is very good too. 

So once you get the gist of that you know you're probably going to want to make some coins just by doing little trading methods and stuff like that so I'll start us off with some of the easier ones and then of course I have all kinds of trading content and investing content on my channel that you can watch but just starting off the first method you could do is 


It's where you just open up a bunch of bronze packs and you sell everything inside more times than not you're able to sell everything some bronze cards are worth even more than just the pack pack alone and you'll make profit that way it's a good way to build up your coins. 

If you have a low total the next method I would recommend is just doing is called snipping 


And trying to snipe players that are you know just overpriced a little bit or have a high price range I guess so for Ten and Lodi I love this car to snipe with he's worth about 5K right now maybe a little bit less we'll put his price down so what we do is we would he actually came down a little bit what is he four and a half K. 

Now even less all right so run and Lodi is about 4.2 K so what we can do is we can set his price to like 3.8 K we move this Max price up to Max and we just keep moving this down and searching and then what we're doing essentially is trying to wait until a pop-up of red and Lodi under this price comes in so we can buy him and sell him for a profit it's very easy. 

Once you get the hang of it and you'll pick it up with speed but as you can see someone actually listed that one up for 2 000 coins we could have sold them for four thousand for two thousand coin profit, I know this Post was probably very overwhelming and it probably was a lot. 

But um take your time with it have some patience ultimate team is a fun mode to play once you start getting the hang of it this is just the ways to get started obviously once you get more accustomed to all the modes how to do it and even some of the trading methods the game can be really fun when you start building up your team. And of course at the end of the day we're just playing to to play the actual game. 

So don't worry too much about all the menu content stuff if you just play ultimate Team and you're smart with your coins you play the games get rewards you actually end up with a pretty good team. 

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