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How to get x-ray in Minecraft bedrock, Minecraft bedrock x-ray textures pack.

X-ray in Minecraft bedrock


Actually is the easiest way to find ores as you can see in Minecraft bedrock edition it shows you everything right there available and in this Post we're going to show you how to download install x-ray and Minecraft battle rock edition 2023. 

This x-ray here is currently for 1.18 but it should be updated overtime it has been updated for quite a few versions now I believe since 1.14 or so this x-ray has been updated and guess what if it ever comes out today we'll link a new x-ray in the description. 

Now this isn't meant for servers it's only meant for personal play and it's very easy to block x-ray on a Minecraft server these days but if you don't want to use server at somewhere like apex Minecraft hosting who just so happens to be the sponsor of this video go to the first link down below the slash apex to start a bedrock Minecraft server with apex. 

Minecraft hosting where you can actually x-ray all you want because you own the server and you make the rolls so you can x-ray all that you want nevertheless though let's go ahead and get x-ray from Minecraft bedrock edition. 

The first thing we want to do is go to the link it's the second link in the description down below and one thing I will say is you might have some weird things pop up and stuff like that on this website unfortunately the best way for better creators to get supported for their work is through ads. 

And sometimes they can be a bit spammy but as you can see at the top it'll say close any tabs while browsing this website that means whenever you're done just close out of everything that you've opened and only download the files that we show you to download and you'll be good nevertheless. 

Once you're here you want to go ahead and scroll down and it kind of gives you some different options now one thing X-ray is currently not importing on iOS but that is going to get fixed pretty soon it doesn't mean it's not possible to do this on iOS it is just a bit different yo have to do it manually. 

Meaning you can't click on it good thing is we do have an in-depth guide in the description down below on how to do that it goes over exactly how to get iOS you know bedrock resource packs and all that so that is in the description but you can download and install x-ray using that method nevertheless. 

Once you're there wants to go ahead and do download with ads it's then going to take you off to this website where there's a lot going on the only thing you want to click on this page is right free access with ads yes don't click anything else but free access with ads on this page when you click on that it's going to kind of give you discovering artist goals to read. 

And all this stuff go ahead and click on discover interesting articles it's going to open up this then click the x-right after a few seconds go ahead click the x after clicking this a heck mark should appear. 

And then finally you should be able to click continue to X-ray 1.18 or whatever version is currently out I'm sorry that's so aggressive I'm sorry that's so bad but that's how these creators or these resource packs can get support for their work it's the only way they can really do so. 

So nevertheless once you're there go including the blue download is make sure make sure it's important it says x-ray 1.18 or x-ray you're going to go ahead and click on the blue download button when you do that it might again do another pop-up close out of it but finally in the bottom left x-ray 1.18 should download. 

If you're on something like android if it downloads and once it's finished downloading click on it right just immediately click on it from your browser and the pack will open up Minecraft and install on iOS like said that's not possible importing is currently broken. 

And from what I've seen it's importing is currently broken on a lot of packs that doesn't mean you can't install it you just have to do it manually and there is a Video on how to do that in the description nonetheless though we can minimise our browser. 

And get this to our desktop if we're on windows to do that you want to go to downloads right like so by clicking the windows icon type in downloads and it is drag this to your desktop. 

Now this is an mcpac file and that means it should have a Minecraft logo and to install it it's so easy double click on it that all you need to do and as soon as you double click on it Minecraft is going to open up right like so. 

And it's going to import the resource pack it's that quick that easy to install x-ray in Minecraft bedrock edition on windows and android again on android as soon as it downloads in the little like download window on your browser click on the mcpac file. 

And it will go ahead and open up Minecraft right like so on android on iOS it is different and again that link is in the description I'm going to keep stressing it but it's possible to install this you just have to do it manually and that link is down below nonetheless. 

Once you're there you want to go ahead and click on settings and then we can click on on the left hand side global resources then if we go into active here we'll be able to see all of the active resource packs we have but that's not what we want excuse me, we want to go to my packs then we go to my packs is x-ray click on it. 

And click activate to move it to the active packs I'm going to deactivate that one so now we have I'm x-ray active right like so and now if we go back to play we'll be able to check it out in game so click play, I'm just going to jump into our test survival world because why not. 

And then once we're in here we're gonna be good to go what a nice message there from Minecraft so loading right on in and generating the world immediately you will be able to see x-ray is active right if we jump around there we go bam jump around we'll be able to jump down and see there is x-ray hey what you doing spider come on.. 

Now one of the things some pzeopledon't like about this pack is the fact that it only shows this is gonna kill me but it only shows x-ray when you're underground for some reason game a spectator didn't work but creative did and as you can see here we are now in game with this resource pack active. 

Now one of the things some people do complain about is that it is a bit hard to see and I do agree with that it is so if you go into settings here there are somethings you can tweak and specially you can go into a video and make sure that your brightness is turned all the way up. 

And that's actually up there at the top sorry about that brightness is turned all the way up here at the top and then you want to make sure that your smooth lighting is turned off as well turning smooth lighting will help improve things in game it's not going to be perfect but it's a lot more seeable as you can see so turning brightness all the way up. 

And then turning off smooth lighting kind of gives you this effect where you can really see what's going on down mining one of the cool things as well is a lot the 1.18 blocks are you know kind of seeable still don't know if that's something that they're going to keep. 

But for now it's cool because you can find things like lush cave systems very easily so that is how you can get x-ray and Minecraft bedrock edition and look at that mine shaft. 

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