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Aviator game tricks


Today I will show some aviator game trick to win the aviator game whenever you are playing it I'll also show you some glitches that have been found in the aviator game and I will also demonstrate all these tricks for you to see.

Hello guys welcome back, I'm Chaltrends here 


Is a new online casino game which is currently taken over all the online casino games why this is due to its simplicity this game is very simple for even a beginner to understand and play to win on this aviator game aviator game. 

Is a game where multiple people place bets on a simulated plane  which flies and the more higher it flies the more your initial capital multiplies. 

So the main aim here for you to win money is very simple you have to cash out before the plane flies away. 

Now let's take a deep look into the aviatrices game so aviator game was created by a company called sprite 


Sprite is a company known for creating more online Casino games and online betting websites and casino websites come for the lenses of these games from sprite and use it on their own website the aviator game is based on random numbers which are generated this means that when a plane reaches the generated number it flies away features of the aviator game on many platforms. 


I'm going to use minespatibet's account to do this demonstration now when you look on the screen you can see this is my Spotify account. 

Now click on the games it's very different on every platform bar the game itself that's the aviator game right there it's not different. 

So I'll click on the aviator game you can see how this aviator game works so we are now here in the Vietnam, game is the menu is my amount left in my account you can see some question mark over there when you click on it. 

It will take you to a page where you see how you can play and you can also watch the video of how you can play this game let me close this up click on the three dash there you see the menu right over there so you can mute the sound or turn on the sound animation. 

You can see a free bet the pro probably fair settings game rules you can see game history and game limits now let me close this up right there on this page too you can see that there is a messaging sighn over there, 

So when you click on it you can also chat your friends who are also playing this game so you can see right over there people who are playing this game are also chatting with this child, 

So currently we have 766 people in this chat le me close this up now you can see from we have 1.5 x we have 5.8 x 1.24 x and the current one is one x so these are the past results of the game from starting from the left this is the current one. 

The one that followed this and the one that's for this and it goes so if you want to see all games play what you want to do is to click on this clock sign, and you see the last history. 

So this has a limit to it the last history let me close this up for you, to see now you can see on the main screen we have the place where the plane flies there's animate animation that you see on the screen and the timing and everything that you can see on the screen down does we have the beds and the outo beds. 

So you can use the bed to place manual beds and auto beds you can use it to also place your bet automatically you don't have to do anything man. 

Next we have the panel where you enter the amount that you want to bet to ir and is the panel for the auto bet and here is the panel for the auto cash out when you put it on o2. 

Then is the betting side where you can place your bets right you can click to place your bet and this is a second panel for you to also use it. 

So this is also another panel where you can also place your beds, So this is also another panel that you can also place your beds right and scrolling you can see orbit that was placed on this particular round. 

So we have the orbit that was placed so two that bet is 673 and previous hand you can also click on the preview sound to check the previous people who played this game you can click my bets to check your betting history and you can click top to see the huge and the biggest win on this platform. 

Okay you can fertilise by months a year and days over there so this is crazy some people are winning that's ten thousand cities months ten thousand city seven fourteen thousand four hundred and you can see the daily today's highest 493. 

And their plane went as far as 1066.35 x you can see 531 so the plane flies really high so this is the features of the game right over there you can see the sprites powered by sprite sprite you can also click on this and you can see this game is probably fair right over there. 


So finally let's move on to the tips and tricks to help you make money with aviator game so the first one is ti trade tightly what to do I mean by trade highly so in between you will be always be allowed to win in big amounts but in 10 you lose everything that you have in the aviator game. 

What you want to do is to set your auto cash out to small multiplier like one point one zero or one point to zero so that you not end up losing when the plane crashes early and continuing doing this or continuing betting in this style. 

You also stack up a lot of money other than losing it all on a single bed. 

The second trick that I'm going to show you in this Post is to use a method called


So in this method what you want t do is that you see that we have two panels for you to bet in that beta game so what you want to do is that in the first panel you put in your amount that is if you are using ten dollars okay let me use a total of thirty dollars as an example so in the first panel, you will get an amount of ten dollars. 

And the second one you bet twenty dollars but you set an auto cash out for the second one at one point five zero so that you can manually with draw or cash out your money from the first panel that is the ten dollars. 

When the flight reaches anywhere that you want to cash out your money and a twenty dollars will be your cover it will automatically cash out at 1.5 so that 1.5 times your initial beta is there 20 you get 30 that's your total bet betting amount that you used in that particular bed. 

So that you won't lose anything third trick or method in this Post is ..


It has been known in the aveta market that my small multiplies from 1.01 to 1.08 or case or RPS 5 to 10 times then it means that the next one that will follow will be a higher multiplier so in this case you can choose to set your cash out to 2x or 30x you can even choose to set your cash out to 5x and please make sure to cash out and observe the market well. 

Before you start betting and make sure you cash out as early as you can to avoid loss the next method or the next trick, 


We are going to use the aviator RPT or volatility so it is known that whenever some markets or some betting sites purchase the license form sprite they can adjust the winning results at any time so if you see that the market is more volatile you have to cash out early. 

So in an example when you see that more people more that 100 people have placed a bet of a huge amount around 500 cities or 67 you have to cash out early or you don't have to go into the bets at all because in this case the sporting site will not lose money. 

But rather want to gain money so there will automatically abject the winning number to come to allow multiplier so that many people will lose their betting amount and they will also profit from your betting amount. 

So don't be a victim when you see this just don't bet or just bet but cash out early from the market okay so one of the extra tips and tricks are 


When the players are above 100 and you see that the amount that the players are betting with is more please don't go into that betting stage so some people believe that other color  cause others to come when I see three to five people in the game that means. 

The next color that we call will be pink when you see four to five blues it will also call paint when you finally see three blues that means the color that will come next is Pink in the extract save that, I'm going to give you are some glitches that have been found in the aviator game. 

When you see or notice that the plane takes long to take off and pauses before it take off means that this out the outcome of the game will be under 2x. 

The second glitch is that you will notice that when the plane starts in the mid air somewhere it lacks and the accounting process but the planes continue to fly this means that the round multiplier will be more than 10x or the round multiplier will go higher. 


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