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15 hidden android tricks you should know, Greatest Android tips.



Today we're going to show you the 15 greatest android hacks to make the most out of your phone and don't worry I'm not about to tell you to clean your camera lens with soy sauce for a better resolution. 

These are the absolute top tier tricks that I actually use from time saving tricks to minds-blowing secrets through life-changing hacks. 

Let's start with a banger this app will let you play youtube with the screen off. 


Now this is huge because youtube 'requires you to pay for youtube premium to get access to this feature this forces you to choose between paying youtube money or killing your battery. 

But this app is the solution the name of the app is black screen you can download it from the google play store now once you've installed it open up the app and click enable black screen. 

Now it may also ask you for permission to check it if it does now if it works a little clock icon will appear on your home screen so whenever you're listening to a youtube video or music click on that little lock icon it will immediately turn your screen black and you won't be forced to drain your battery anymore. 


Now this next one will allow you to play a sound for your phone whenever you lose it which if you're like me is basically everyday so first go to settings then go to biometrics and security now click find my mobile check the on button. 

Now on another device go to myaccount. device dash activity click on your device and then click find device now you can place down on your phone to find it wherever it is now if your phone was stolen you can go one step further you can even lock the device. 

So a thief can't get into it or you can even erase the device completely if you need to now this next one will you take a screenshot on any android device just by tapping the back of it. 


Will work on any android device but if you have a google model you can do this in your native settings I'll show that method after so for non-google phones open to the play store next search for tap screenshot. 

Now install it and click on accessibility service is to save then click on install apps now uncheck where it says off it's going to say allow tap screenshot to have full control of your phone which sounds a bit scary. 

But the app is trustworthy it has tons of good reviews I've used it myself as well and app does actually need to make this happen now wherever you double tap the back of your phone it's going to take a screenshot.

Now for the google user there's no need to install an app you can actually do this with the phone's native settings so go into settings and then system click on gestures and then click on quick tab check quick tap slider on then choose whatever action you want to happen. 

Screenshot pause your youtube video open a specific app whatever you want once that's done whatever your page is going to happen when you double tap the back of your phone. 


Now this next one is to stop that nosy friend who's always going through your phone go to settings and then go to biometrics and security scroll down and tap other security setting scroll down and enable pin windows hold down on the app you want to pin and then click pin this app. 

Now the person can't leave this app until you let them to unpin it again touch and hold the recent and back buttons at the same time. 


Now this next one is gonna make your notifications look so much cleaner to get started open up the settings again then click notifications swap the pop-up style to brief then click brief pop-up settings then click edge lighting style and then choose your favourite. 

I use fireworks but a lot of these look really good so you can choose your favourite you can also change the colour the transparency like all these little setting in there whatever you like. 


Now while we're making your phone look cooler you can also pick up an icon pack so you can replace your plane icons for these much cleaner looking ones a lot of companies charge money for these but I have 10 awesome ones here that are 100 free in the google play store. 

So whichever ones you want to download just search this the google play store and it's free to download wart viral wines MOONRISE, EMPDOS, MUG UNICORN, VLARICONS MATTE BLACK ICON, PACK and CANDY CONS, 

Now I'm not going to go into the details of how to make your phone look exactly like mine because it's going to make the video too long. 


Now this next trick will make your phone feel way faster go to settings scroll to the very bottom and click about phone now click software options scroll down and click the build number a bunch of times really fast you may have to enter your password or pin to continue. 

This will unlock developer mode swipe all the way back to settings and now click developer options now scroll down all the way until you see three animation options change each of them from 1x to 0.5. 

Now that you've done that all your animation speeds will be half the duration and the phone will feel way faster and way. more responsive now be careful not to change up to 5x this actually happens a lot if you change it to 5x your phone will feel really slow or change it to 0.5x.   


Jumping into the next one this trick is key it's going to help you get more fps than any mobile game now you can finally beat the ultimate boss on powerpuff girls monkey madness that you've been waiting for forever swipe down and open your settings scroll down util you see about phone select software information. 

Now go to the build number and tap it as fast as you can over and over until you unlock developer mode now swipe left until you get back into settings scroll all the way down until you see developer options again scroll down to graphics driver select your favourite game and check your system graphics driver. 

Now your phone will utilise your system graphic driver for game you choose what this means is the game performance will be better but your batter will die a little bit faster so keep that in mind. 

9. ANDROID 12 Easter egg. 

Now you may not know this but the android developers put a secret Easter egg into every single version of android. 

This is how to find the developer's secret Easter egg for android 12. head over to the settings app open about phone and then software information then android version from this page tap the android version three or four times to open up the Easter egg itself. 

Now you will see the secret clock the Easter egg will unlock if you set the clock to 12 exactly and it looks pretty cool. 


This trick is for the age old problem that dates back to the beginning of time you're sitting in bed listening to some chill lo-fi music on low volume then a notification goes off so quietly on your phone that you don't hear it. 

Now you've got to choose to blast your nullify music too loud or risk missing that notification because it's too quite  This is the solution hit your volume key up or down this should bring up the volume bar now place your finger on it and drag it down. 

This will reveal the different volume options now you can adjust the volumes to whichever you need so for tip no. 


We're gonna do another one that's gonna make your phone look way cooler whenever you're playing music your phone is going to create an awesome edge lighting effect on your screen that will sync with the music to get this go to the google play store and download movie edge. 

And open it up be sure to enable permission draw over the other apps when the app requests it now toggle these three settings as they pop up as well. 

Now from the main edge lights tab you can swipe through the different options and choose your favourite be sure to choose the ones with the check mark as those are free though the ones with the star are paid only you can also customise the colours by clicking the color swatch in the top right. 


And this one actually looks really cool have you ever been suspicious about an app that you love so much whether it's killing your battery or not here's how you can find out for sure open your settings.

And search for battery and device care now select battery now select usage since last full charge this will rank each of the apps in your phone for which has consumed the most power now you know for sure if an app is secretly killing your battery. 


So now that we've exposed the culprits of battery kills let's do the same exact with data killing this will reveal which of your apps If any are killing a bunch of your data. 

So first open the settings and navigate to connections then to data usage this will rank each of the apps in your phone for which has consumed the most data on that source it's going to rank the apps in exact same from the most data consumed to the least data. 


Consumed this next trick is for when you need to take a screenshot of a page that is longer than your phone this one is so good it can actually go ridiculously long so your screenshot can be one screenshot of pages and pages and pages. 

If you want that go to the google play store and download an app called screen master now install and open the app from here you just need to activate it by clicking that power button in the middle. 

Now this new button will pop up feel free to move it to anywhere on the screen that's convenient for you now when you need to take a screenshot on a certain app tap the button and press stitch every time you click that plus icon it'll scroll down and take another screenshot. 

When you're finished tap the check icon it'll automatically stitch all of them together. 


To make your iphone look a little bit cooler go to the google playstore and search for live wallpapers and download this one search through the app for your favourite wallpaper. 

Now literally all you need to do is select one set home screen and enjoy your animated home screen.  

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