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Top 10 Best movies of the last Decade, Movies which attracted attentions of many.


Top 10 Best movie of the Last Decade


Decades come and go but the movies are forever welcome to watch er and there's already been fish in the pool for this list we're taking a look at movies released from 2010 to 2011 off animated features honestly between toy story 3 and spider man into the spider verse. 

There are so many options on the animated front that they can make up their own list number 10 is. 

10. Avengers Endgame 

Given this franchises widespread impact and universal success throughout the decade this list would not be complete without at leats one entry from the MCU black panther proved that superhero movies have the power to break barriers and break into the Best Picture race but if we have to single out one movie that epitomised why this cinematic universe is a cinematic achievement. 

It would have to be avengers endgame captain Steve safari America Rogers look if you do this and it doesn't work you're not coming back section of pep-talk pissant. 

For over 10 years we watched the infinity saga unfold and this tour de force marked its epic culmination. 

Our symbol finding just the right balance of old and new the film brings everything full circle with laughs tears and thunderous applause as the credits roll it doesn't feel like you've merely watched a movie it feels like an important milestone. 

9. Arrival 

The 2010s proved to be a breakout decade for director Denis Villeneuve who explored a wide variety of different styles and genres it was his foray into sci-fi however that fascinated us the most arrival warrants comparison to the likes of Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick what maintains a signature that belongs to Villeneuve alone.

When some spacecraft arrived on earth it's up to one linguist to decipher the reason dr. banks this is really the right approach trying to teach him how to speak and read that's got to take longer the film keeps the audience guessing until the very end. 

Which is every bit as poignant and inspiring as one would hope how can you not a future in a decade where immigration and cultural divide were among themes prevalent topics. 

Arrival is an absorbing parable that demonstrates the importance of communication and listening to others. 

8. Django Unchained' 

For three decades Quentin Tarantino has remained one of the industry's most distinctive and exhilarating voice among the three fils he made during the 2010s Django unchained was arguably his most audacious outing as well as his most funds name is Django he's a free man he can ride what he pleases like a master chef. 

Tarantino combines several ingredients that most people wouldn't dare put into one pot who is Tarantino adding his own special seasoning though it comes out as a perfect fusion of different  tastes how do you like the bounty hunting business kill white folks and they pay you for it's not too late.

The film is an Outrageous satire not unlike Blazing Saddles a blaxploitation flick not unlike shaft and a spaghetti western not unlike well the 1966 film Django it's also an effective buddy picture with Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz creating the most memorable Western duo. 

This side of Butch and Sundance. 

7. Hereditary

This decade was a horror renaissance but no other movie disturbed us to the core quite like hereditary, a supernatural horror drama such as this easily could have come out in the late 60s or 70s drawing parallels to classics like Rosemary's Baby The Exorcist and The Oman it's hard to breathe what do you mean, my throat's getting bigger at the same time hereditary still feels like a product of the 2010 touching upon mental health and trauma with a Morden sensibility Toni collette dominates the  screen as a woman who's either being torn apart by an evil presence or the madness within whereas. 

So many horror films literally jump out at the audience, director Ari asked her lures us in with tense foreshadowing and subtle scares leaving us completely unprepared when insanity takes over. 

6. The Wolf of Wall Street, 

Although it's mainly set in the 80s and 90s the story of Jordan Belfort feels all too relevant in today's world we live in an era where big business reigns supreme Fugazi it's a fake every four gauzy it's a y'see it's a loser in Belfort sighs the little guy is so insignificant that we never even see the countless people.

He scammed over the years John one thing I can promise you even in this market is that I never ask my clients to judge me on my losses because I have so few instead Martin Scorsese's  electrifying biopic focuses on how a Wall Street mogul sold his soul in exchange for the American dream of fancy mansion luxury vehicles and so much cash you could drown in it. 

You just tried to bribe a federal the u.s criminal code that needs to be an exact dollar figure for the exchange of services that would not hold up in a court of law in other words greed in the American dream has become one in the same Leonard DiCaprio portrays Belfort as a con artist who's beyond despicable yet so charming we'd still probably buy his pin. 

5. ''Inception'' (2010)

If the 2000s put Christopher Nolan on the map the 2010s solidified his status as a master of filmmaking get back here now. 

Interstellar was perhaps Nolan's most heartfelt film to date but inception opened our minds to bold new ideas now more than ever. 

Hollywood seems reliant on established properties to pack theatres only use details on a street lamp or a phone booth never entire areas why not because building a dream from your memories the easiest way to lose your grasp on what's real and what is a dream. 

So what happened to you inception stood out as an anomaly an original standalone story that not only excited us. 

But also challenged the audience to think we need you there to tell a compound specific to our needs which are great depth a dream within a dream two levels, three we've all heard the phase a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an Enigma.

Well inception is a heist thriller wrapped in a sci-fi extravaganza inside an enigma it's a film that triggers the imagination  and still invites analysis ten years later in short this is the stuff that dreams are made of. 

4. Moonlight 

Signified a major shift in Hollywood both for indie filmmaking and representation come on blondie spoons to pick on you every day the word diversity has been thrown around a lot during the early 21st century and for good reason whereas many movies are obvious and how they address race gender and sexuality though nothing has ever spelled out in moonlight you trying to get smart with me. 

This Best Picture winning drama requires its audience to look closer making them see that there are multiple sides to every human being a drug dealer can actually be an affectionate father figure a juvenile delinquent can actually be a scared little boy trying to survive in an unaccepting world everyone is forced to fit the mould they were born into through love and understanding however our protagonist may come to embrace his true identity .

3. Mad Max Fury

Road in today's blockbuster landscape audiences are used to seeing movies with excessive CGI overly complicated plots and repetitive active fury road was the complete opposite emphasising practical effects and stunts keeping the story as simple as possible and putting so much thought into the composition of the action that individual stills could hang in a museum while not exactly a sequel or reboot. 

Fury road takes the best aspects from George Miller's previous Mad Max films and pushes them into overdrive three times the gates were opened today what gate I was awaited about that they were calling my name the best way to describe the film. 

Is the climatic chase of the road warrior sustained for two hours although that sounds incredibly straightforward the film's emotive characters inventive productions set a new standard for the genre you know hope is a mistake. 

If you can't fix what's broken you love you'll go and say number to get out hereditary may have been scarier.

2. ''Get Out''

But get out challenged preconceived notions about horror and film it's by no means the first movie to blend horror with dark comedy and satire. 

But get out made us think about current racial and social tensions in ways we never anticipated by the way I would have voted for Obama for a third term if I could best president my lifetime hands -down I agree yeah and in doing so it attained heights rarely seen within the genre and this allocate from the mind of a former MADtv cast member sink into the floor. 

Well writer director Jordan Peels has always been a great talent the 2010 saw him emerge is one of the decades defining voices you'll be able to see and hear when your body is doing but your existence will be as a passenger seamlessly mixing homage with original concepts peels should remain every bit as prominent in the 2020s and beyond. 

But for now his debut feature is his magnum opus. So how many of these amazing movies did you see them all in the theatre do you have any idea what we've slotted in.

At least what year it's from alright let's run through some honourable mentions and then we'll name our pick for best movies of decade.

1. The Social Network '' 2010

When the social network hit theatres Facebook was still a relatively new phenomenon jump ahead 10 years and it's impossible to imagine the world without this social media platform ''director David Fincher and writer Aaron Sorkin shaped the story of Mark Zuckerberg into a modern Shakespearean drama you don't think that deserve your attention . 

The question is whether this is a story of triumph or tragedy it's hard to say since Facebook story is far from over for now though this film depicts a legendary origin story that was relevant in 2010 and remains very much a part of the zeitgeist of 2019. 

Expertly crafted brilliant written flawlessly acted and timely while also being timeless we can't think of a better film to represent the past decade of cinema. 

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