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How to take Screenshot on your PC using Window 10, It is simple step by step.

Take screenshot on Windows 10


Hi everyone. My name is Chaltrends. Today I want to show you how to how you could take a screenshot on your PC using windows 10, and full disclosure, before we jump into this, i work at Microsoft. 

Ok, let's into it 

I'm going to show two different methods to take a screenshot 

1. Uses an app that comes with windows 10 

2. Technique is using your keyboard. 

So let's start out with the app that comes with Windows 10, the probably the easiest way you could get to it is to open up search and then type in Snipping Tool. 

That's the name of the app, the Snipping Tool. 

So I'm going to go ahead and type it in and there you see it right there. The other way you could get to it is I could click on the start menu and this is the long way to get to it. 

I'll go into the start menu, scroll to the very bottom down and then there's a section called Windows accessories. 

What's interesting is this shows you all the other things that also come with Windows. You get a fancy note taking program called Notepad, Very basic. You also have a souped up one called WordPad, and not quite at the level of Word, and then we also see the Snipping Tool. 

If  you want easier access in the future, you can pin that to the Start menu, which shows up where all these apps are over there. I could also click on more and I could pin it to the taskbar. 

I've already pinned it to the taskbar, which is why it says unpin, so I pinned it to the taskbar because this is a tool in an app that I use quite often. 

So, what I'm going to do is I'm going to click on it the taskbar to open up the inning Tool. Now, there are a few different modes that the Snipping Tool has. 

You could do a full screen capture. With a full screen capture, that simply takes a screenshot of the entire desktop. There's also window snip, and I'll show you how that works. 

So I could select a window, if I want to take a screenshot of the whole desktop. There's also rectangular snip and freeform snip, so with a rectangular snip, I could simply highlight an area of the page I want to take a screenshot of, and the other mode, the freeform, I can try my best to select an area that I want to take a screenshot of, and I'm going to do my best creating a rectangle and there you have it. 

There's my screenshot of myself. What I could do then is I could go to file, save as, and I could save this as different file types. 

I have the option of doing a PNG, a PNG, I guess, I also have  a GIF, depending on who you talk to, and then there's also a JPEG, so I could also e-mail to someone, make a copy here I can save it as well. 

What I can also do with this tool, you can annotate, so there is a pen Tool. Let's say that I want to give myself a little moustache, and then I want to give myself a nice fake tan. 

There I can highlight myself in yellow and so there you could annotate if you take a screenshot of text and you want to highlight it, you could do all that. I could also go ahead and erase that, because I don't know if I like my fake moustache and fake tan. 

What you could also do is we just kind of neat is you could set a delay so similar to when you're taking a photo of your family and someone wants to hit the take photo button and you all run together and smile, you could set your delay. 

Of course, someone eyes will probably be shut, and you'll one way you could delay take a photo so, this is the Snipping Tool!. 

Pretty useful tool if you want to take a screenshot. OK So now that we've looked at the Snipping Tool, what I want to do next is I want to show you how you can take a screenshot using your keyboard. 

So, I have a few different keyboards because depending on the type of keyboard you have, the way you print your screen is going to be a little different. 

  • We're going to look at my Dell keyboard. 
On my Dell keyboard there is a simply a section that says print screen, And so what I'm going to do is because it's in blue, I need to press the function key at the same time, so I'll simply press function and print screen at the same time, and then there the screenshot was saved. 

If I click there, it looks like it automatically saved it to OneDrive. Is the print screen that I just did. 

This is a Microsoft keyboard, there's simply a button that says PrtScn. That's the abbreviation for print screen. I'm printing this screen out. 

That's where that comes from, because I want to bring a copy of this all I do is I simply press the print screen button and then that also takes a screenshot and then I also have My Lenovo laptop, and there's a key that says PrtSc and that also allows me to print the screen. 

Now a few of the fancy things that you could do. So printscreen simply takes a screen capture of the entire screen,. What I could also do is, let's say I selected this window and I just want to take a screenshot of this window. 

What I could does just press the Alt key and Print screen at the same time, and so if I go into here, you'll see that that took a screenshot of just that window. 

So even if my desktop is bigger than that window, I can limit the screenshot just to that window. But another kind of neat technique is if you press the windows key and print screen at the same time, it'll simply automatically save that. 

So there it's saved a copy and where it puts that is it puts it in pictures. So you go to this PC, pictures. So you go to to this PC, pictures and screenshots, and there you see that it just saved the screenshot. 

Although if you have your computer connect to OneDrive and you simply hit print screen, it already saves it to OneDrive, so it kind of does the something. 

Today I showed you two different ways you could take a screenshot. One of them is with the Snipping tool. the other way is using your keyboard and hitting the print screen button and a few combinations of that depending on what you want to do. 

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