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How to take Screenshot on Samsung s10, s10 plus, Three ways.

How to take Screenshot on Samsung s10, s10 plus


Hey what's going on guys so you have a Samsung Galaxy S10 here I'm going to show you three ways that you can do a screenshot 

1. Is the ass big speed to take a screenshot 

So here's the big speed button the only thing is with the big speed button is you have to sign up for but the thing is you don't actually have to sign up for  a new Samsung account or anything the only thing I did was simply just log in with my gmail account 

Anyway Bixby is kind of like this Siri on the iPhone so I'm gonna simply do is press and hold the bixby button and then ask it to take a screenshot okay ready take a screenshot. 

And you can see it flash. 

2. Is to do a palm swipe 

Which I don't recommend is kind of difficult to do sometimes and I don't know anybody that uses the palm swipe to take a screenshot anyways you just slide your hand from the edge of the phone to the other side or vice versa it doesn't matter which way you do it. 

Let me just do it this way and you can see it flash right there now over 90% of you guys would do it this way that's the way I prefer to is simply hold two buttons simultaneously the volume down buttoned the power button ready 1 2 3 just hold them both until you see that flash. 

I'll do it again for ready wait for the flash and there's a screenshot right there now all screenshots do get saved to your gallery also let me show you some additional functions let me go ahead and take a screenshot. 

3. You can see this entire article,

So for instance let me go ahead and take a screenshot and then down this icon I can push down that's gonna slide down. 

I want to to show more and then from that screenshot right there you can actually see how long it is I'll go into my gallery and that lats screenshot I just took is right there and we can see how long that is also if I take another screenshot. 

We have some other options down of course I can go ahead and I can crop this as well I can go ahead and add it to or put it anywhere I want if I just want to leave it like that go ahead and click on save and then if I go to my gallery we'll go to my last screenshot I just took right there. 

And you see it right there and let me take another screen shot and then you also get the pen as well so I like tap on the pen here you can go ahead and do whatever you want you can write something or you can basically like circle something. 

And then you can go ahead and just save it from there' and it'll go into the gallery as well, well there you guys go that is the three ways to take a screenshot on your s10 and I hope that helped you out. 

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