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How to fix water damaged phone by using rice, This is what happens. Does it really work?


How to fix water damaged phone

How to save your water damaged cell phone with rice 

Hey everyone I wanted to show you a quick method on saving your phone if you suspect it has water damage and will not power on or you get an error message  showing that you have water damage. 

I was hot tubbing with some friends the other day and left my phone out overnight and I got soaked with rain and everything for about eight hours, so when I go to plug it in I get a warning saying water's been detected in the phone. 

And do not power it in on so this method is cheap effective and will most likely resolve the issues so here we go. 


So you just want to pick up some rice I'm using some indian rice but white or brown rice will work and then take a pyrex bowl and fill it all the way up mostly all the way up with rice. 

If your phone has a case you're going to want to remove the case to allow the moisture to escape and then just sandwich it inside the rice making sure it's fully submerged like so take your lid make sure it is 100 sealed and you're just gonna want to let this sit in the rice overnight I'd actually allow at least 24 hours, I know going 24 hours without a phone. 

Sound like a nightmare a little bit but you really don't want to power on the phone if there's moisture inside the phone as this can really damage your phone permanently so I would give it a full 24 hours in the container before you try to power it on, so the next scene will be in the morning or actually excuse me 24 hours from the time I just put it in here  and we'll see if my phone powers on. 

All right everyone well it's been 24 hours my phone's been sitting in the rice I just wanted to mention in the previous scenes I said that you have to use a pyrex container but it's pretty much any glass container that you have a sealed lid for you can use but I have used this rice method, a couple times before one time my iPhone went through a washing machine with my clothes a full hour and I thought my phone was done for. 

But I placed it in the rice and it worked because the rice does a great job of wicking away the moisture from your phone. So I'm gonna plug it in here and see if we get the results we had yesterday I plugged it in as you remember it showed a little water damage indication and my phone just would not charge and turn on, so fingers crossed that it works. 

Let me give it a sec hoping for the best because I need my lifeline here it's been 24 hours without my phone. 

The phone had a completely dead battery so I had to leave it on here for about 15-20 minutes we're gonna give it a shot to power, fingers crossed so far so good when I had the water damage before sometimes it would boot but not past, this screen I think it just didn't have enough power, but it's looking like it's working. 

So if you have experienced water damage on your cell phone again I would try to use like a toothpick see if there's any lint in there, anything that could be messing with your charge port and if that doesn't  help stick it in some rice again.

My phone several times when I've made mistakes and had some unexpected water damage I use this method and it brought a positive result.

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