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Common phones problems and how to fix them, Phone not working properly?, Screen problems.


Android phone problems and solutions


Is your phone bothering you lately? well, don't worry; sometimes phones d behave this way but you can make them correct by small effort. 

Check out our guide below that will help in fixing the most common smartphone problems below. But please remember that some cell phone solutions will require professional mobile screen repair assistance.

01. Phone Responding Late Or Slow 

Devices like do slow down over time. Especially, if you check out an ageing phone or device, you will realise that they respond late as compared to the latest devices. 

Common mistakes slowing down your phone


  • Close all apps. 
  • Change settings and restrict apps from running in the background 
  • Delete apps and photos that you don't need. 
  • Clear the cache
  • Delete all the unnecessary  data
2. Battery Draining so fast
Here's a problem with some phones that they don't stay alive for long enough. Their battery dies quickly and it is very difficult to use such phones. 

Phone battery Draining so fast

  • Make sure the charger you are using is optimised for your battery 
  • Shorten your screen timeout setting
  • Clear apps that can drain your battery 
  • Reduce phone screen's brightness 
  • Restrict apps that run in the background 
3. Cracked Phone Screen 
Sometimes a heavy impact with the ground can cause the screen to break. 

How to fix cracked Phone Screen

  • Protect your phone screen with screen protectors 
  • Get a padded pouch or cover to cushion the fall 

4. Your Device Got Wet 

It's frightening when our phone gets submerged in water. 

How to fix water damaged phone


  • Turn off your device 
  • Throw it in some rice if you have any on hand to help absorb some of the moisture 
  • Head to your nearest phone repair place like phone repairs in Adelaide.

5. Your Phone Is Overheating 

Holding an extremely heated phone can be a terrible experience. Overheating can severely damage your phone's battery and screen life. 

  • Keep your phone away from direct sunlight 
  • Reduce the brightness, close all apps, abstaining from overbearing Wi-Fi or data use 
  • Postpone downloads and updates
6. Storage Space 

No doubt that storage space has become a real issue for a lot of smartphone users. Here's how to fix it: 


  • Invest in storage unit like memory card
  • Avail options like iCloud or Google Drive 
7. Your Screen Keeps Freezing 

It can be very frustrating to deal with freezing screens 

  • Clean your phone 
  • Clear the cache 
  • Deject apps that you don't need
  • Protect your phone from viruses
8. A Particular App Is Constantly Crashing 

Sometimes it happens that our favourite app decides to give us some tough time by crashing constantly. 

  • Restart your phone 
  • Deject the app and download it later

9. The Entire Phone Is Constantly Crashing 

does your phone shuts down and restart on its own? well, here is the solution, 

  • restart your phone 
  • close all apps 
  • clear the temporary memory 
  • install an authentic antivirus software 

10. You Have Bad Reception 

Networking issues and poor cell signal is another common phone problem. it can be treated as follows; 

  • Restart your phone 
  • Get the version of operating system 

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