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Best places to visit in United Kingdom, UK, Must Visit places and Things to do in United Kingdom.

Must Visit places in United Kingdom


What's up guys my name is CHALTRENDS and I spent the last few years exploring the united kingdom and I want to show my favourite places so here's my uk top 10. United Kingdom is made up the countries of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, if you want to go back in time and feel like you're in a fairy tale or a Harry Potter film. 

The Uk is the place for you it easy to see why many myths and legends were born here it's the one of the world's most enchanting places all right so for our first location we're gonna go visit possible the most iconic city in the world

1, London i've traveled more to London I've traveled more to London than any other international destination I have to say it's my favourite city in the world. 

And I just keep coming back everything from the double decker buses to the energy of Piccadilly Circus, makes the city feel so alive there's just so many places to see, you can check out the iconic big bend and walk across the ridge to see the palace of Westminster. 

There's the tower bridge which is possibly the most famous bridge in all of London you can go see the stoic guards at Buckingham palace or take a ride on the London eye if you haven't already been in London I'd highly recommend visiting when you can it's hard to beat the London atmosphere there is no city like in the world. 

London, England

All right so after exploring London we're gonna make the two hour drive over to 

2, STONEHENGE located in Wiltshire England lies one of the most famous man - made rock structures in the world there's a lot of mystery surrounding Stonehenge, like what was its purpose and how was it made archaeologists believe it was constructed, back between 3000 to 2000 bc Stonehenge consists of a ring of rocks each being around 13 feet high and weighing nearly25 tons.

Each it's unclear what the exact purpose of Stonehenge was it's believed that it was used as an astronomical observatory or religious site either way it sure makes you stop and think how people thousands of years ago were able to construct this.

Stonehenge, England


After Stonehenge we're gonna head on over to the

3. JURASSIC COAST while you won't find and dinosaurs here you might find some fossils on the beach the jurassic coast is England's only natural world heritage site and it's become popular withe its white cliffs and picturesque beaches that are full of fossils formed over 65 million years ago. 

And one of the most famous spots on the Jurassic Coast is DURDLE DOOR it's it's this limestone arch that goes straight into the ocean there's a great beach there and I just can't think of a better place to spend during the hot English summer. 

One of my favourite posts on the Jurassic coast is OLD HARRY'S ROCKS. 

Jurassic Coast, England

So after the Jurassic coast we're ahead up north to visit the country of wells now 

4, WALES is located in the southwest part of Great Britain it's famous for its mountainous national parks picturesque coastline and distinct welsh language. 

One of the most scenic places in Wales is the SNOWDOWN national park it's a region in northwest wells that is known for its mountains and lakes the highest peak in wells. 

MOUNT SNOWDON is located in the with an elevation of 1085 meters you can hike on up there or you can take the snowdon mountain railway to the top if you're lucky you might be able to see ire land across the sea. 

Wales, United Kingdom

5, After Wales we're ahead to the ISLE OF MAN now located in the Irish Sea right between England and Ireland lies a rugged island known for its rural landscapes and medieval castles while it's technically, not part of the United Kingdom.

It has status of crown dependency and the uk is responsible for its defence and external relations the iowa man has had an interesting history humans have lived on it since 6 500 bc and in the 19th century it was ruled by Norway but in 1266 the  island become part of Scotland. 

And now it is a self- governing isle a interesting place on the island man is PEEL CASTLE it was constructed  by viking in the 11th century street and just sits right on the ocean and its a pretty cool castle if you ask me . 

Isle of Man, British

6, After the isle man we're gonna head across the sea to visit NORTHERN IRELAND  is full of just beautiful scenery dramatic coastal cliffs and countless castles back in 1921 Ireland was split into northern and Southern Ireland as a result of the government of Ireland become a free Irish state Northern Ireland  remained within the united kingdom. 

The capital of Northern Ireland  is the city of BELFAST which is the birthplace of the titanic ship one of the most iconic places in Northern Ireland is THE DARK HEDGES, its this road lined with beech trees planted in the 18Century it was used as a failing location for the game of thrones on the northern coast you can check out the CARRICK -A-REDE BRIDGE  or see the basalt columns 

At the GIANT'S CAUSEWAY  and there's just so much history and beauty in Ireland it makes me want to go there and explore. 

Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

7, So our next location we're gonna head to Scotland to visit the ISLE OF SKYE THIS is probably my all - time favourite place in the uk you literally feel like you're in a fairy tale when when you visit there I was lucky enough to go to the isle sky last summer and it's about a five hour drive from Edinburgh,

One of the most impressive places in the isle of Skye is the OLD MAN OF STORE it's one of my all- time favourite rock formations I felt like I was on the set of game of thrones when I was there now to get to the old man store it's about a four kilometre hike you walk through some conservation gates and you'll reach the famous, rock pinnacles I went for sunrise and sunset and both occasions  were breathtaking when I was there I was just like crows flying around the rock. 

And there was some sheep running around I mean it was just a magical place so the legend of the old man store is supposedly a giant lived there a long time a go and when he was buried his thumb was left sticking his thumb was left sticking out of the ground when you go there, it's easy why its one of the world's most iconic most informations. 

It's one of my all - time favourite places and I recommended everyone to see at least once in their life just a few minutes away from the old man store there is a breathtaking waterfall called me out falls that cascades down at the ocean there's a nice view point where you can look at the waterfall the surrounding sea cliffs in the area are also stunning one of the most famous is kilt rock, 

Which are right by MEALTFALLS  I mean it's just such a cool area there aren't many waterfalls that fall straight into the ocean. 

Isle of Skye, Scotland

If you're looking to find some fairies you may want to check out the FAIRY POOLS, there are these pige blue pools that lie at the base of the black colons when I was there there were so many midges I didn't dare get close to water so make sure you bring some bug spray if you want to do a beautifully hike.

I'd also recommend visiting THE QUIRAING its one of the most beautifully areas in the isle of Skye you feel like you're walking on a giant golf course I found this vantage point to get a good 360 view of the whole area. 

The isle of Skye we're going to head over to the nearby 

8, EILEAN DONAN CASTLE if you're driving to the isle of Skye you will drive right by this it's one of my favourite castles in the uk situated on a small tidal island at the point where the three great sea locks meet the castle was built in the 13th Century.



9, So after castle we're gonna head over to one of Scotland's most iconic locations the GLENFINNAN VIADUCT is located at the top of loch shield in the west highlands of Scotland it was completed around 1898 this may look familiar because it was featured in the Harry Potter films. 

When I was there I wanted to get close to the bridge so I walked underneath it I was just shook by how big it actually  after I hiked to the top to get a good vantage point so I could see the famous  train go across the via duck just really reminds you of those harry potter movies. 


10,We're gonna head over to EDINBURGH now if you want to go back in time Edinburg is a must it's where jk Rowling wrote her Harry Potter novels. When I started travelling this was one of the first cities I visited 

It's a medieval old town with intricate neoclassical buildings, cobblestone streets and beautifully, gardens the iconic, Edinburgh castle overlooks the city and is home to Scotland's Crown Jewels. One of my favourite places was canton hill, it offers  a beautiful view  of the whole entire city. 

While we're still in Edinburgh we're going to head over to Arthur's seat now Arthur c is located in holy rod park and its a short walk from Edinburgh center Arthur's  seat is an extinct volcano with an elevation of 823 feet. 

Arthur's seat, Edinburgh

All right well that is it for my united kingdom top 10. the uk is just such a unique region in the world and I hope all can witness its beauty in history what was your favourite place. 

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