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iPhone 14 Pro Max Full phone specifications, Iphone 14 release date and price,


So Apple will officially launch the iPhone 14line up on the 7th of September and will sell it once 16th of September. 

We know everything there's to know about the handset so let's take a look at the top 5 new features the iPhone 14 pro will get Year. 

Apple is doing away with the notch for the iPhone 14 Pro lineup and will include not just  one but two cutouts on the display. 

The circular will house the front - facing camera and the pill - shaped cutout will include the Face  ID hardware. 

Honestly, in a world of small punch hole displays in Androids, these cutouts on 14 Pro are laughable but it helps Apple to set the phone apart from last year's Pro models and The iPhone 14 Pro and Max will finally get always on display, 6 years later than their arch - rival Samsung. 

However, Apple's implementation will be a tag different than Samsung's. instead of giving you a black screen with the clock and widgets, Apple has decided to just dim the screen. 

Yes' once the user turns off the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro, the wallpaper will switch to the ''Sleep'' version where users will see remnants of wallpaper and information, such as the time and their lock screen widgets, even when their display is not active use and will return to full brightness when the phone is unlocked. 

But how this affects the battery life and screen burn-in remains to be seen, though. 

Speaking of always on display, the iPhone 14 Pro will have 120Hz displays which is nothing new but what's new is the LTPO panel. 

Unlike the iPhone 13 Pro which has a variable refresh rate that varies between 10Hz and 120Hz depending on what you're doing on the phone, the iPhone 14 Pro will go all the way down to just 1Hz such as when viewing still images and while on the always - on display more than 1Hz such as when viewing still images and while on the always - on display. 

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The front camera of the iPhone 14 Pro will get two big upgrades. The first one is a bigger aperture bumping from f/2.2 to f/1.9. This has to benefits. 

1. A) a shallower depth of field which would make the photos as well as the posts much more   pleasing to the eyes. 

   B) It result in the sensors capturing more light which should result in better low - light photos.

2. big upgrade is the autofocus which would result in sharper images across a range of distances.

But this isn't something new in smartphones. Samsung introduced autofocus on selfie cameras with the Galaxy S8 5 years ago back in 2017.   

Even though the number of rear cameras will remain the same, there will be some significant upgrades under the hood improvements. 

The iPhone 14 Pro will get a 48MP main camera, which finally makes a change from the 12MP  cameras Apple has used for years.

Apple is rumoured to be using a larger 1/1.3 - inch sensor, up from a 1/1.65 -inch sensor in the iPhone 13 Pro.  

Overall, the sensor area will increase by 57 percent, which is why the rear camera module will also get bigger. 

Apple will likely use 4 -in-1 pixel binning technology to output 12MP images for better low light sensitivity and performance. 

Not only that the phone can also record 8K posts for the first time and finally. Apple will also upgrade the telephoto camera from a 6 - element lens to a 7-element lens improved telephoto images. 

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