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Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of a tiny pockets in front of your Jeans?

Why jeans have tiny pocket
Do you know the little bag in your Jeans pants? Yes, the one that is sewn up just above the big right pocket. 

Have you ever stopped and wondered why that little bag in front of your jeans is where you are and what exactly is the purpose of that bag other than maybe dipping a coin or a jojo that you want to chew on later or think of it as just fashion in clothes?

If you have never asked that question and you still do not know the source and purpose of the small bag in front of your Jeans pants do not worry as this site will tell you the source and purpose of the bag. 

This bag played a very important role in the past and is one of the main reasons why Jeans pants manufacturers put the bag just above the front pocket of the pants. “It is a special watch to keep the clock. 

Yes, it is said that back in the 1,800 years, most people loved to wear their watches in chains and tie them around their waists. In order to keep their watch safe and secure, Levi, the first manufacturers of Jeans' pants, decided to keep the small bag in a safe place where they could store their time safely and easily. So it started out as a pocket safe storage bag, but later began to find other uses such as storing coins, travel tickets, condoms, and matches, especially for cigarette users. 

Ever since then Jeans pants of all kinds have been made with that little bag regardless of the fashion available at the time.

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