How to fix iPhone storage not loading or updating problem.

How to fix iPhone storage not loading or updating problem.

Fix iphone storage problem



Hey guys how are you doing  in this blog post we are going to fix the problem of iphone storage not loading or not updating problem and troubleshooting.

 Steps that i'm going to suggest to you in this part are also applicable for ipad users if you have the same problem of iPhone storage not showing the proper data of the applications and user data consumed in your iphone or ipad, you can buy the same troubleshooting steps.

 So when storage section is not loading after waiting for more than 4 minutes or 5 minutes then all you have to do is to use the following steps one by one then it is important to start from first step which i'm going to suggest right now.

Steps on how to fix iPhone storage not loading or updating problem.

1, Performing a simple restart:

For some users after a software update they were not able to see the iphone storage over loaded on their iphone or ipad.
But if the problem is not solved then a simple restart can help, after restart you iPhone then move to a next step

2, Navigate to 

> general iphone storage

and give 2 to 3 minutes time, depending on stored photos and the amount of videos, it may take a little bit extra time for indexing and then it will show you the complete details. 

3, If that didn't help the second step is doing force restart 

By pressing the volume up button once and then immediately press the volume down button once and then press and hold the power button when you see slide to power off screen you shouldn't take your hand away from the power button you have to keep pressing the power button till you see the apple logo it automatically restarts.

Once you see the apple logo restart, at that point you can release your finger from the power button so remember you have to press the volume up button once and then volume down button ones and immediately press and hold the power button to perform force restart this particular step have helped so many people.

 I understood that after the restart you have to follow the same stuff and for iPhones that don't have the face id and if you have the home button you have to try a little bit different stuff steps where you need to visit Apple support  

Click an Apple support link above so you can visit the particular page and you can locate your specific iphone model to perform the force restart for your iphone model.

So after this navigate to the iphone storage section and it will be loaded if the both two steps didn't help then try the next step below. 

4: But if both steps has not worked then perform all settings reset, 

Navigate to 
> Settings 
> General
> Transfer Reset iPhone
> Reset, from the bottom you have to select the reset option, from the menu you have to select reset all settings.

You don't have to select any other option or don't select erase all settings and data because that simply wipe away all the data from your iphone so that is not recommended step, you simply have to perform all settings reset after that you have to restart your iphone, and then navigate to settings general and then iphone storage and after giving it a couple of minutes depending on the user data then the problem will be solved, and that is how to fix iphone storage not loading. 
If the problem is solved you will see each applications, photos, messages, and system data consumed and also the recommendations which is an important section where it will show you the possibilities that you can optimise your storage and free up some more space in order to use and make your iphone function  normally. 

So you can tap on recommendation section and then you will be able to see all the recommendations that is given, also each application storage information where you can manage your data, if you want to delete the application you can keep the data, And once you want to use the application again you can just reinstall it. 


So all these things are simply accessible after performing these troubleshooting steps and one additional tip that i like to mention is if your iphone is consuming more storage  then my suggestion is  performing any pending software update via itunes or perform iPhone setting reset which helped so many people.

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Thank you

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