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Following star tried to compete for Goals scoring in Tanzania Premier League
Samatta's replacement has landed at Aston Villa, fearing the Tanzanian will be relegated to the Premier League
Yanga SC coach opens; Carlnhios was not fit
Coach Sven Adds Five Shovels to win against Mtibwa
Cristiano Ronaldo's records will dominate the Earth for generations to come
CAF and US congratulate Barbara Gonzales New CEO of Simba SC Opposing people must  Only
Today's Newspapers date of 9/9/2020 day of Wednesday.
Mr Sammata; "I have no plans to leave Aston Villa"
Yanga fans may not believe it; TFF names Morrison on the list of Simba SC players.
The Simba SC leadership has issued a statement regarding the Kagere saga against Coach Sven
Mo Dewji announces search for Simba fan ripped off jersey by Yanga fans (+ Video)
Barcelona presidential candidate; The departure of Messi Barcelona is not the end of the World
Today's Newspapers date of 31/8/2020 day of Monday.
The case of Messi Man City sacrifices their 3 stars
Do not measure; Yanga will mention the value of his squad
Today's Newspapers date of 30/8/2020 day of Sunday