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Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Cellular Immunology in Vaccine Development job in Merck (US) Job Vacancies, Opportunities and Careers. Apply here.

 Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Cellular Immunology in Vaccine Development - US

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Location: West Point, Pennsylvania, United States

Job Type: Full-Time

Requisition ID:P-100540


Job Requirements

This posting has been created to pipeline talent for prospective roles that we anticipate will be needed soon in our organization. By applying to this Pipeline Advertisement, you will be submitting your interest to be contacted for similar roles to what is described in the Pipeline Advertisement.

Be a part of the legacy: Postdoctoral Research Fellow Program

Our Research Laboratories’ Postdoctoral Research Fellow Program aims to be a best-in-industry program for industrial postdoctoral researchers, designed to provide you with an academic focus in a commercial environment. With the resources, reach, and expertise of a large pharmaceutical company, postdoctoral researchers will be positioned to excel in an institution committed to breakthrough innovation in research and discovery.

 What You'll Be Doing:

You will initiate an independent research project to develop and implement new approaches to assess antigen-specific cell-mediated immune responses (CMI) in global vaccine clinical trials. 

You will develop and optimize alternative and novel methodologies for sample collection, immune cell stimulation, and CMI response measurement to enable impactful program acceleration in expanding global markets. 

The expectation is that this work will provide important contributions to our understanding of protective cellular immune responses and the durability of protection induced by vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases, as evidenced by publications in top-tier scientific journals.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

● Design and execution of complex immunological assays with a focus on cellular immunology methodologies to characterize vaccine-specific functional T-cell and B-cell subsets and innate immunity.

● Engage with internal peers and develop new internal and external collaborations to expand the group’s CMI capabilities.

● Clearly communicate results to colleagues and to the external scientific community through presentations and publications in leading journals

Work Experience

What You Need:

● Candidates must currently hold a PhD OR receive a PhD by fall of 2021. Degree should be in the life sciences, preferably immunology, cell biology or microbiology, with fluency in immunological principles and infectious diseases

● Proficient in PBMC isolation, tissue culture, multiparameter flow cytometry, intracellular cytokine analysis (ICS), ELISPOT, multiplex assay platforms and assay development

● Ability to work with viruses, bacteria and potentially infectious samples from humans and animals (BSL-2)

● Motivated to solve complex problems by undertaking innovative approaches and applying state-of-the-art technologies.

● Excellent oral and written communication skills

It's Great If You Have:

● Ability to work independently, as well as collaboratively with peers within and across departments

● Effective organizational and multi-tasking skills

● Experience training and mentoring junior scientists

● Working knowledge using standard data analysis tools such as FlowJo, Graph Pad Prism etc., and Microsoft programs.

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