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Most Useful things to buy in GTA Online, Things you need to play GTA Online.


Top 10 thing you need to own in GTA online


Look Man/Woman I happy you clicked  on these post, once you start out in GTA online and there's like a million things that the game's telling you to buy. 

And I'm going to be honest with you most of that stuff that the game is telling you to buy. Today I'm cutting the long story short. I'm telling you what you should buy so these are the top 10 things that every GTA online player should own. 

And these are the things that every rich player should own and these are the things that every rich player has. 

Let's get started: 

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Most Useful things to buy in GTA Online, Things you need to play GTA Online.

Unfortunately if you want one they are over two million dollars so initially you're not gonna have that kind of Money, but you're not gonna want to go spend money on anything else basically until you have this.  

It is expensive at over two million dollars actually, but once you have this you're going to be able to start the Cayo Perico heist, which is the best way to make money in the game. 

And once you can do that heist you can rerun it over and over again and you should be able to get over a million dollars an hour. 

If you want to know how to get this much money to begin with it is simple,  I've explained that in countless other guides check them out just search on my blog search section. 

But one of the way to make money in this game is the Cayo Perico heist and to do that you need a submarine to start it up so that should be your main goal. 

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Most Useful things to buy in GTA Online, Things you need to play GTA Online.

You're gonna need an armored vehicle depending on how much money you have I'm giving you a cheaper option and a bit more of an expensive option as well if you're looking for something on the cheaper side. 

I would recommend the armored  kuruma it's 545 000 dollars price and it's basically an armored sports car you can shoot out of it. 

But other people are going to have a pretty tough time shooting into it which is nice. If you're using this vehicle for pretty much, any type of mission in the game you're going to be almost invincible from bullets, because it's just a sports car that is well armored it can tank any rockets. 

So one explosive will blow this up but it has pretty good protection from bullets on the more expensive side. I would recommend either an Insurgent Pick-Up Custom or a Nightshark both of these won't 'provide as much protection from bullets. 

But they will provide a lot more protection from explosives it's gonna take up to 20 rockets to destroy these if you have max armour on them. 

So while they might not be as good for missions they're a lot better for something like free roam, and this is something that every GTA player needs because man free roam can be bit of war zone. 


Most Useful things to buy in GTA Online, Things you need to play GTA Online.

Now the CEO office used to be one of the best properties in the game and that's because you need the CEO office in oder to buy a vehicle warehouse or cargo warehouse which used to be some of the best ways to make money in the game. 

While the warehouses aren't as good as they used to be, the CEO office still provides a lot of value mainly because you can be able to manage when you're driving cars all across the map to put them in different garages. 

So having the ability to buy 60 cars and store in one building is really useful not only just for convenience but because you can actually host some really cool car shows with your friends and kind of just show off all the cars you've earned. 

If you did want to pick up a CEO office the cheapest one is one million dollars, which isn't actually that expensive in GTA online today or if you have got a lot more money you can buy the Maze Bank Tower for four million dollars. 

But keep in mind garages are gonna cost more money on top of that so maybe don't spend that much money if you don't have that much left over.


Most Useful things to buy in GTA Online, Things you need to play GTA Online.

Every GTA online player needs at least one helicopter and again I've got a cheaper option a more expensive option and the middle option as well this time. 

> So for the cheaper option I would recommend a Buzzard Helicopter which is 1.75 million dollars and honestly it's not really the best at anything but it's decent at almost everything it's not incredibly fast it's not incredible slow it's not extremely powerful but it's not really weak. 

It's still got homing rockets but maybe the best part about it is you can spawn it right next to you.

> The sparrow is stored and you can look at the sparrow as sort of just a better buzzard it's not as that strong but it can hold as much damage, Sparrow is a lot faster it shoots rockets a lot faster as well and you can still spawn it right next to you. 

> So that's kind of a middle option and for the top end there's a lot of expensive helicopter but my pick would be the Akula and the main reason for that is because of the stealth mode feature which allows you to go completely off the radar to anyone in the lobby that's going to be incredibly useful when you're trying to grind out. 

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Most Useful things to buy in GTA Online, Things you need to play GTA Online.

Now what do I mean by passive business, A passive business is a business that's gonna make you money in the background while you do whatever you want all you're gonna need to do is sell the product occasionally and just rake the money there's a bunch of really good passive business in the game. 

We're talking the Cocaine Lockup, The Meth Lab  The Cash Factory and the Bunker is really good as well but maybe the best of them all is the Nightclub . Now even though it seems nice to sort off just have a business that's gonna make you money while you do something else. Actually each business has it's benefits and challenges.

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Most Useful things to buy in GTA Online, Things you need to play GTA Online.

Must own item in GTA is actually something that's going to help you with your businesses and that's the master control terminal you need another business and that's the arcade are you confused, kind of sounds pretty confusing to a new player. 

I hope you're keeping track so to buy an arcade go into maze bank fore closures and pick one up I would recommend one in the city as opposed to one at the top of the map and the main reason for that is because the arcade is the property  that's going to let you start up the Cayo Perico heist which is probably the second best way to make money in the game.

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> Cayo Perico heist

And the Kasatka submarine are still the best though even if you don't chose to do the Cayo Perico heist it's still worth getting a location in the city because you're gonna use the master control terminal from here and the master control terminal , is essentially a Bunch of computers sort of a super computer where you can manage almost every single other one of your businesses in the game from the one spot. 

So instead of flying or driving all the way businesses to resupply them you can actually just do it all here from the one spot and save yourself a lot of time this is one of the most useful things in all of GTA online and it's something that you definitely must own. 


Most Useful things to buy in GTA Online, Things you need to play GTA Online.

I didn't want to put this one in here but still it really is just that good so don't hate me but I'm gonna have to write it. It's the Oppressor MK 2.

It's the best vehicles in the game it's still pretty much overpowered but I mean even though it can be a toxic vehicles but it's still just the most convenient vehicle in GTA online you can spawn a flying bike right next to you. 

And just fly across the map to wherever you want it's great for completing any sort of VIP missions any security contracts anything it's so convenient bit so good.

It is also really good for grieving people so please don't took that pretty toxic but at this spot I had to put the oppressor MK 2 as one of the best vehicle in the game.


Most Useful things to buy in GTA Online, Things you need to play GTA Online.

Agency this was just added at the end of 2021, with the agency you can do a lot of stuff first we're going to talk about the DR Dre contract, so owning the agency let's you start up the Dr Dre Contract, which will make you a million dollars. 

And you can probably complete this in just under two hours so not a bad way to make money but it also add you two other really good ways to make money as well and kind of underrated ways the first is through 

> Security Contract, 

Now these are sort of like VIP missions if you've done those but basically these missions are going to pay you between 30,000 and 40 000 dollars and they should only really take you a few minutes sort of an extra bonus as well. And for every five security contracts you complete is going to increase the amount of money your Wall safe in your agency is gonna make per day. 

If you compete 200 security contracts you're going to make twenty thousand dollars through the agency Wall Safe every 48 minutes which 200 is a lot and most people will never get there. I wouldn't even recommend doing that to be honest but it is cool little bonus the other way the agency can help you make a ton of money is through payphone hits.

> Payphone Hits.

if you play the GTA 5 story you would know that Franklin did Payphone hits for Lester now we can do them for Franklin, and the good thing is they pay a lot of money. On average a payphone hit should take you about between three and five minutes to complete and if you complete the bonus challenge that Franklin gives you you're gonna make 85 000 dollar per payphone hit that's an insane amount of money for a few minutes work.

Honestly that alone would make the agency one of the best properties in the game and definitely a must  own but like I said there's other reasons thiss thing is  great. 

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Most Useful things to buy in GTA Online, Things you need to play GTA Online.

The armory was one of my favourite additions to all of GTA online essentials this gives you very own ammunition inside your agency 

> Big Discount On

Now you might be thinking why is that so good like I can just go to an ammunitions that's right but there's a few extra bonuses that this can give you first of all you're going to get a pretty big discount on any guns and ammo, not only that but it also allows you to buy body armor from that property. Being able to just teleport to your agency and get body armor whenever you want is gonna save you so much time. 

When you're grinding out on missions you're sopposed to drive to ammunition and constantly get armor so for any grinder this is good solution and honesty a lifesaver .

And the final must-own item in all of GTA online is the agency vehicle workshop. 


Most Useful things to buy in GTA Online, Things you need to play GTA Online.

And you might be thinking why on earth is a random vehicle workshop one of the best things to own in the game well this isn't any normal vehicle workshop.

Franklin hacker, named Imani and honestly she is kind of amazing, Imani has created what's called Imani tech and this is the only place in the game that you can equip it there's only a handful of vehicles in GTA online that can actually use Imani tech. 

But what Imani tech does is it gives you two options firts option is a remote control option so you could remotely control any personal vehicle that is able to use it. 

Second option is more of just a gimmick but the best upgrade, the missile lock-on jammer now I spoke about how the oppressor MK 2 is incredibly over powered and really good for grieving people unfortunatly by putting a missile lock-on jammer on any of your Imani tech capable personal. vehicles they can't lock onto you.

Finally now we have a way to use the oppressor MK 2 and stay safe in free roam for anyone who's looking to play GTA online long term this is the definitely a must-have item and one of my favorite things in the game. .

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