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Human Jobs that AI will replace in the future, Can Artificial Intelligence replace human jobs.


Human Jobs which will be replaced by AI

Here are human jobs that will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence in the future.

1, Data Entry: AI-powered machines can perform data entry tasks faster and more accurately than humans.

2, Manufacturing and pharmaceutical work: This sector is probably the most extensive area where people are scared that AI will take over jobs. When the production process for most commodities produced today has been mechanized, the operational aspect can also be handled by AI.

3, Customer Service Executives: AI Chatbots are not only becoming a significant part of customer interaction. They also support a lot of internal queries, among others.

4, Assembly Line: Robots can perform repetitive assembly line tasks faster and more consistently than humans.

5, Bookkeeping and Record-Keeping: AI software is more efficient than humans at managing financial and administrative records.

6, Courier services: AI has introduced many social and economic changes to the delivery industry. It has streamlined various logistics and supply chain functions. Drones and robots are already taking over courier services. Aside from the manufacturing industry, the transport sectors will be most affected when robotic automation booms in the future years.

7, Agriculture: Automated machines can monitor and manage crops more efficiently than humans, potentially replacing agricultural jobs

With deep explanation on loss of jobs in Entertainment industry.

If you go through the job listing on Netflix and Disney services, you would understand my point. The Hollywood actors and authors going on strike presently against AI companies also proves the same. Just two strikes and it has brought the entertainment industry to a standstill.

Giant Company like Disney is embracing AI technology, and using advanced computer systems that can think and learn like humans. It has been advertising job openings for AI-related positions, such as a senior AI engineer. Disney’s busy hiring AI specialists with $180k a year as starting salary. These positions involve working with popular Disney studios like Marvel, Walt Disney Animation, and Pixar, where AI is already starting to have an effect on their work.

With advancing AI technology, seems it has the potential to automate various tasks and creative processes replacing humans. This could include jobs such as video editing, music composition, scriptwriting, and even acting through virtual characters.

The biggest proof is since 7th of May, writers (existing members of the Writers Guild of America) have been on strike in support of AI regulations. With respect to the development of AI, they want struggling to ensure that their jobs and rights are protected. They are also battling for a place in the entertainment industry!

Now, AI replacing human jobs with respect to the entertainment industry especially, can lead to power imbalance too!! Let me explain how and why.

1. Job Displacement: As AI takes over certain jobs, people working in the entertainment industry may face either unemployment or underemployment. That’s what is happening now! AI is busy with Voce -over job.

This could lead to economic differences or inequalities. How? Well, the rich and the powerful will own and control the AI systems.

2. AI's Influence on Entertainment Choices: If AI technology starts playing a big role in creating and deciding what content we see, it could impact the variety of things we watch, read, and listen to. AI might Favor certain types of content and not show us as many different ideas and creative expressions. This could lead to a situation where we only see a limited range of content, and our entertainment choices become more limited and less diverse.

3. Ownership and Control of AI: Companies and individuals who have access to and can afford advanced AI systems would be at advantage. Gradually the concentration of power will be in the hands of a few, with smaller players struggling to compete.

4. Audience Influence: AI-powered algorithms may determine what content reaches audiences. Don’t you think it would lead to a feedback loop that promotes certain content types while suppressing others. This could impact the diversity and variety of entertainment available to us or the public.

5. Data Privacy Concerns: Using AI in the entertainment industry can make people worried about how their personal information is handled and how closely they are being watched. Of course, AI systems need a lot of data to work well. So, they would collect and analyse a large amount of information about us.

This data collection can raise privacy concerns as people may be unsure about who has access to their data and how it is being used. It's essential to consider how AI technologies handle our personal information to ensure our privacy is protected.

Let me sum up that addressing these potential power imbalances requires careful consideration and policy development. It's much needed to strike a balance between technological innovation and the protection of human workers' rights, creative expression, and yes, the interests of the audience.

No apparent chances that AI would go away. So, what potential solutions we can come up with?

These are for entertainment industry and purely in my opinion. Would be glad to see you readers adding more solutions if you can come up with.

1. Upskilling: We need to invest in the re-training and upskilling of people to adapt to new job requirements and roles in an AI-augmented entertainment industry.

2. Regulation and Ethical Frameworks: Implementing regulations and ethical guidelines to ensure fair competition, safeguard data privacy, and prevent AI-driven monopolies or undue concentration of power.

3. Collaboration Between AI and Humans: Can’t help!! Why not think of promoting collaboration between AI systems and human creatives to enhance the quality and diversity of entertainment content.

4. Support for Independent Creators: Let’s foster an environment that encourages and supports independent creators, to ensure a diverse range of voices in the industry.

5. Transparency and Explaining ability: Let’s collectively demand that AI systems used in entertainment are transparent and provide explanations for their decisions. Particularly, in cases where AI algorithm is influencing content curation and promotion.

By taking these points into account and actively shaping the integration of AI in the entertainment industry, don’t you think that it is possible to create a more inclusive and sustainable future for the sector. Every beginning is tough, but collective efforts do pay over time.


In the future, AI may replace some jobs that involve repetitive tasks like data entry, basic customer support, and manufacturing. It could also impact jobs related to driving, cashier roles, and certain tasks in banking, finance, and agriculture. However, many jobs will still need human skills like creativity, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence, which AI cannot replicate. While AI may take over some tasks, it will also create new job opportunities in fields like AI research and development, data science, and machine learning engineering. So, while some jobs may change, new ones will also emerge.

Thanks a lot for reading. Would be glad to know your opinion.

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