Top things to do in Zurich, Switzerland, Travelers guide.


Zurich, Switzerland


A must to travellers today we're traveling to the capital of Switzerland Zurish which is known as a global center, for banking and finance as well as its picturesque architecture let's go explore this church is the famous. 

Landmark of Zurich legend has it the church was built on the graves of the city saints Felix and regular and is one of the most important churches in the history of Zurich. 


In the heart of Zurich astronomy fans can reach for the stars and observe multiple planets In space through a large telescope the observatory offers a guided tour and is no doubt a memorable experience for the whole family.

St. Peter, CHURCH 

Is one of the four main churches in Zurich and is known for its huge flawed faces on all four sides of the tower don't miss the chance to see the murals that go as far back as the 1300s. 


This church was the founding place of the University of Zurich in 1634 and is located beautifully right on the water the church is now connected to the mainland and is known by the name of the water church. 

ZURICH Old Town is a great place to get a taste of the cultural social and historical pieces of CERN you can find the highest concentration of clubs in all of Switzerland as well as shops that go on for miles. 

The center of the Swiss capital is one of the most atmospheric places in all of Europe and allows you to sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy the stunning architecture. 

We hope you enjoy  your trip to Zurich and if you're been share your stories down below with us in the comments. 


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