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Resident evil village, How to play as lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg, Use them effectively.

Resident evil village


If you're not already a formidably sized lady, do you wanna be? well, I'm going to show ya how to quickly unlock lady Dimitrescu and Heisnbern, and also break down how to effectively use both of them. 

I'm Chaltrends let's get started. 


Your gonna need the winters Expansion for resident evil village, then head into the bonuses section, and then the mercenaries additional orders. Now, to unlock Heisnberg, the last two being the brand new ones to this DLC. 

To unlock Lady D, you need to get an S rank in the final level the bloody river. To get a high rank on those last two levels easy and fast, I suggest taking in the instantly unlocked new guy, Chris Redfield. 

Grab his energised punch passive right from the start, which makes his right bumper straight punch, greatly increase his onslaught gauge. 

Also if you use that punch as the finishing blow, you can rapidly build up that meter at the bottom. When onslaught is active, you get a huge movement, fire rate, and reload speed buff which can be extended if you keep rapidly killing. 

Continually using this will shave huge chunks off your timer These new levels also have a lot of these armoured enemies protecting their glory bits, and one of Chris's punches will easily set them up for an easy kill. And, for the bloody river stage, might want to buy two of the target locators which can take down this boss in just a few seconds. 

2. Lady Dimitrescu Guide

When you nail that S rank on the last level, you will then have yourself lady D to clomp around as. Her right trigger attack is an insect swarm which sends out little damage over time bug swarms. 

Right bumper is a simple melee attack with her long nails which can be altered by tilting the left stick down, same goes for the felt bumper attacks as well. However, if you alternate between right and left, you can attack a lot faster, ideally not just the air. 

If you hit both right and left bumpers at the same time, she can do a strong double shawl. Hold down right bumper, and you can do a distance closing uppercut. Hold down left bumper and you have a forward moving choke slam that also hits in a AOE around it. 

She has no traditional heel stomp attack tho, sorry internet. If you press square on playstation, X on xbox or Y on switch, you can chuck a giant vanity. 

Find any other game with a vanity as an attack dare ya. She also builds up what is called her thrill gauge which makes her move faster and deal more damage. When the thrill meter is maxed out, you can press left trigger and right bumper, to summon one of your daughters to attack for you. 


Now, likely before you unlock Lady D, when you get at least an A rank on every level, you will unlock, Heisnberg. Right bumper will swing his giant hammer around and holding the button will do a slower slam attack. The hammier will build up an electric charge, which will increase the effect of that smash. 

With left bumper, you can bring up a protective barrier around yourself to block. Right trigger will make pretty much magneto, D pad up will toggle the ability to summon and throw some random scrap metal D ad left to switch to a throwing a spinning saw blade, or D pad right to throw a flash bang like a deadly projectile. 

Once the gauge in the bottom right is full, D pad down will let you call in a soldaat jet to rush in and explode. If you hold down square on playstation, x on xbox or y on switch, or 104 other keys on PC you can enable your magnetic field. 

Left triple will then yoinks enemies right right to ya, and your ranged attacks will be a little stronger, but Heisenberg can't spin with that field active. 


So that's pretty much the basics of playing Walter white, and how  to quickly unlock him along with any D in the mercenaries mode. 

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