How to stop Constipation, Simple health tricks and tips to relief Constipation.


How to stop Constipation and Diarrhea


Let's get started with our first dilemma which is a vacation constipation is an actual medical reason behind vacation constipation here's why your digestive system is like a train. 

And it's running schedule on those traps and regular day you'll stop maybe it's you know 7 a.m because you'll have your poop you have a system then have your coffee by 7:30 a.m. you do all your day chores and then by 8 p.m you're working out. 

I hope and then my 10:00 p.m you're at home you are ready for sleep right it's a schedule whatever yours happens to be you basically have a system the problem occurs when the train misses just swell a little stop along the way it affects. 

The entire schedule and it delays your train so when you're on vacation this change in routine could cause poop delays and for a lot of folks that's actually the big reason that you're having this vacation constipation but there's something else that's usually going on. 

As well that's holding you back I like to cal it safe toilet syndrome and it's an evolutionary quirk and it's very real many of you have experience it women actually sent hen the experience is a bit more because it has to to do with stress but not the way you think. 

So we both have stress balls both hats so here's the deal there are two systems that have to work together to get us to go poop there's you saying hey  want to go poop right it's the right time of them in the right place hopefully and then there's your body's autopilot system. 

They both have to cooperate so what is up happening if you're feeling a little stressed out that auto parts not working with Deidre and the problem so normally go ahead and squeeze your ball yeah you're gonna be you one you do it and I'm your intestines. 

Well look at intestine just pretend right so you squeeze I see you squeezing and I want to cooperate so I squeeze okay that's normal when you're at home doing things in life that's what happens but if you're an unfriendly or unknown environment right you get these things called bashful bowels you squeeze you want to go to the bathroom I'm not cooperating hey at all you're working harder. 

But you can't force it out because the auto pod the bashful bowels aren't coming along for the ride and so you've got to figure a way of getting the bashful bowel to work with you so we're both squeezing together otherwise you could push push all you want nothing the bashful bowels are going to relax if you relax. 

So you gotta find some routine that works for you example do you ever please be honest about this I'll be honest you ever go to the toilet and play games on your phone yes you do yes as long if you're washing your phone afterwards which you'e doing of course I said that's a great way of you taking those bashful bowels. 

And making them prouder and less bashful so you allow that so  play any game you want its that these games still work overseas or in other countries refresh ain't your grandmother's house or daughter's house wherever you may have in the back all right 

2. Gonna do is you're gonna start eating fiber but you can't start the fiber the day the constipation starts so a couple  days maybe to 84 you think you might ave  problem or going on a trip women get at leats 25 grams of fiber men about 38 grams of 5 or 50% more . 

3 We're gonna move on to the opposite dilemma

Right we got travellers consitipation then there's travellers diarrhoea which is actually a more common problem for a lot of folks there's talk about something that happened it's happened to all of us. 

And it's the worst feeling cuz you can't control it I'd rather be contipated that have diarrhoea but come on over and do you think this is map so this is something that's created by the CDC it actually divides the world in the three different grades of risk you can be a low risk the United States. 

Is a low risk the United States is low risk the yellows right you can be intermediate rest some of those oranges you know South Africa over here. 

But then you can be in a high risk country that's all the red stuff Columbia's right there right it's a high risk country. 

Now what does that mean it means that the water they have in these red countries you find them out there this is all of Southeast Asia North Africa means a lot of countries Mexico right these water supplies aren't so clean they have backeria they have parasites they have viruses they come from feral contamination. 

So my rule of thumb when I got to country where are those red countries as I don't eat anything if it's not cooked now in the meantime what happens if you're stuck come on. 

Next time you're out in a beautiful boat in the middle of the water and you've got in laws with you and you feel you gotta go here's what you're gonna do instead of feeding the fish this is my travel I call it a D kit the kids all know about it my family and I keep a couple things in there that are really important. 

All right first off I never leave home without the pink stuff second thing is probiotics and then finally simple it'll thing you don't even carry this with you although I often do bring some sugar and some salt because you're gonna make a little drink at resuscitating drink and for every quarter water you're gonna put in six of these or sugar packets you gonna [ut three of these small salt packets in there. 

It's basically six teaspoon fulls of sugar and about  a half a teaspoonful of a salt and that becomes a nice electrolyte solution that you can make it's cheap and easy you got it ready-made at your fingertips you're gonna rehydrate yourself with that so these you can keep on the boat trip without problems. 

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