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How to play Modern Warfare 2 early on Xbox, 100% working.


How to play Modern Warfare 2


I just want to make a quick Post to explain how people can play modern warfare 2 spec ops and multiplayer early if they're playing on XBOX and anyone can do this if they're playing on xbox unfortunately it doesn't work on PlayStation or PC. 

And I'll show you why in this POST and also how t do it obviously so this is the preload and launch details for modern warfare 2. 

Now you should already be able to preload the game if you've pre-ordered it so all platforms can preload it. Now I think I think on the xbox they actually got the update for the final version, 

A few days ago playstation I heard a lot of people get it yesterday and apparently it broke campaign for them or something but there's a way to fix it by going into settings and then that somehow fixes it. 

But anyway you should be able to preload it if you check your version number it should say version 1.0.3 that's the launch version it's like a 40 gig update. 

So make sure you're got that done on PC. So on PC they're doing a global launch so it unlocks at the same time everyone regardless of which time zone you're in so that's going to be 9pm PT on Thursday the 27th that works out for the UK as being 5am M our time on Friday. 

That's when it's gonna launch now if you're on playstation it's a regional rollout and that means it's going to launch a midnight your local time or wherever your account is.

And where the store you bought it in is so if you bought it in the UK store with a UK playstation account it will launch midnight in the UK now on XBOX it's also a regional rollout where it's going ti unlocks a midnight your local time. 

But you can do something a bit tricker of xbox where you can go into your settings and change the region your xbox is in you don't need to change the region your account in, or anything like that I'd reccomend not doing that because that has a three month lockout time. Before you can change it back. 

But you can change the system region whenever you want and if you set it somewhere that's in a very far ahead time zone like Zealand for example you're gonna be able to play the game much much earlier. 

So like I said on xbox in the UK you're gonna be able to play at midnight normally if you set it to New Zealand you're going to be bale to play it from 12 noon on Thursday. 

So 12 hours earlier which is pretty insane, I think on the east coast of America I was talking to Greg FPS that's going to be about 7 a.m for him rather than waiting till midnight or Thursday night. 

He's gonna be bale to play at 7am in the morning on Thursday which is a huge difference and obviously if your on the west coast of America that's an even bigger difference. 

So I'll just very quickly show you how to do this it's very simple but good go to your xbox and see now I've got a Call of Duty Modern warfare 2 already loaded if I go to manage game I can see the version is 

That means I've got the update I've got the launch day patch so that'll be ready to go and then you just go into setting I've got it on my recent things. 

But if you want to go to settings you can go up the and then go left and go down to settings go to settings and ten you need to go down to system then language and location and then you just want to change  the location to New Zealand. 

Now I've already got it set there because I didn't want it to mess around in case you couldn't do it later or something like that in case they changed it so I've already said it. 

But if you said it's a New Zealand on that bit and then it will just press restart now that will restart your console and they you'll be good to go it should launch as soon as it gets to midnight in New Zealand time. 

So 12 noon Thursday the 27th in the UK that's when ypu'lll be able to play it now I'm sorry this only works on xbox as as far as I may no there's no way to change it for playstation or PC . 

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