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Black Adam full movie review, Super violent anti-hero.

Black Adam movie


Did you just catch a rocket what does it mean to be a hero that's the question posed by Black Adam dc's origin story about a super violent anti-hero.


But  it struggles to find the answer amid a tiring string of non-stop action scenes hello my name is Chaltrends and this is my review of of black Adam. 

So Dwayne the rock Johnson stars as a powerhouse from ancient times who explodes into the present day with a bad attitude and lots of flashy lightning effects I knelling before no one. 

But unfortunately he's not the only things from the distant past the movie feels like he was made a few decades ago before the golden age koi superhero. 

Movies and carries none of the wisdom Hollywood has learned from the likes of the dark knight and iron man and all the other great comic book movies that have come out since then assemble the movie. 

Is made clunky by too much exposition the villain is one-dimensional and there's an overallliance on peaceable over character and story come on aren't we past all that don't we know better by now funny story a little bit of trivia. 

This movie has actually been in development by the rock for 15 years and it feels like the idea he had for that movie was like snapshotted and frozen in time and then he brought it to the present. 

But completely ignored all the other movies that have come out since then and learn none of the lessons so this is more of the vibe of like daredevil and like green lantern instead of all the much better superhero movies that have come out since then well that's good advice there are some flashes of brilliance here, and there largelythanks to the members of the justices society. 

But overall black Adam fizzles out which is a shame because it had a lot of potential the JSA comic run featuring black Adam is one DC's all-time greats it's one of my personal favourites it's so good it showed how his brutal sense of justice made even the best heroes re-examine the line between what is right and what is wrong. 

But the debate devolves until confusing gale of generic statelmemnt by ens it's hard to say who stands where on the subject and what which is bad when that's what your movies about and I do want to be crystal clear that even though  I love the comic book I was not expecting this movie to be a direct adaption of that that is not why I think this movie is not so great it's that they did recognise the awesome stuff in the comic, And tried to put in there movie and just didn't turn out well because this is not a we'll-made movie. 

Johnson plays black Adam in the same vein as Arnold  schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 a stoic seemingly soulless killing machine who gains a glimmer of humanity and even a sense of humour while he gets top marks for making his black Adam just as steely and imposing as in the comics the character feels a bit too confident and powerful makes him come off as one no when there are clearly more layers begging to be explored like an onion. 

The main figure opposing his violent ways is just a society member Hawkman while the veteran hero is a sight to behold with his gleaming wings and energised nth metal mace which is a nice touch I appreciated from the comics he mainly serves as a punching bag both physically and metaphorically. 

He spends the majority of the screen time getting his bird butt kicked like a lot and the rest of the time he's attempting to persuade black Adam to act more like a typical hero. 

But and I think unintentionally they make hackman a hypocrite because he aligns himself with a certain morally bankrupt mastermind plus he has no good answer for the people of a war-torn country when they question why his team of supposed heroes never came to save them. 

So here's the thing this whole moral quandary about how heroes shouldn't kill is very funny that it's taking place in a DC movie because we've seen superman batman and Wonder Woman straight up murder people in their movies. 

But Howkman's coming out saying hey heroes don't kill people I don't know if you've been paying attention but all of your heroes kill people so really black Adam fits in just fine and you're the weirdo Hawk man. 

Pierce Brosnan delivers a charming and mysterious performance as Dr fate although the script tries to do too much with his character without earning it and his abilities look a bit too similar to what we saw Dr strange do in avengers infinity war. 

So for example both doctor strange and Dr fate use this like crystalline fractal thing when casting spells doctor strange of course got that from the mirror dimension that's just what DR fate does when he is casting a spell we both use the doppelgänger spell effect where they make a bunch of copies of himself to beat up on one big bad guy. 

And then they both have foreboding visions of the future where they're not allowed to be very accurate about and it just feels like there's too much overlap between the two surely the people at DC have sen what marvel have done so when coming up with Dr Fate's whole deal and what he's going to  do in this movie. 

I think you know Dr Fate is deserving of something a little bit different and unique and that's his own thing for the DC universe cyclone and Adam smasher are in the movie but don't seem to matter to the plot and that's a shame especially for Adam shatter because he's the most Earnest entertaining and natural hereto of the bunch everyone else spends most of their time dryly explaining the MacGuffin or their backstory. 

See 'this is what I mean haven't we moved past this kind of thing so with a bit too much going on black Adam felt both overstuffed and underdeveloped and it's not hard to feel as though that's because so much emphasis was put on the Relentless barrage of action scenes. 

Now don't get me wrong I love a good action movie but when it's the same kind of action on repeat where we see black Adam perform a endless string of PG-13  Mortal combat 'fatalities against nameless goons. 

Then it all starts to get old after about the fourth scene of him mowing down dozens of baddies who didn't stand a chance I started to wonder why a sort of black Adam kryptonite was introduced in the first act.

But none of the bad guys though to use it against him later on I'm just saying it would have made things at least a little more interesting.

Also it has to be said how incredibly strange it is for this movie to completely ignore the fact that Black Adam is linked to Zachary Levi's Shazam even though they share the same powers same transformation word insane lightning bolt logo to fighting bad guys and instead it makes several references to superman as a rival. 

Now considering there's a second Shazam movies in the world the whole franchise going on there while superman pretty much has been MIA following the 2017 justice league movie that's a heck of a choice nothing but hearty. 

So my final thoughts are Black Adam overindulges to the point where it's hard to enjoy the movie it's packed with underdeveloped characters and an excessive number of repetitive action scenes to the point. 

Where it's half-baked debate on what it means to be a hero is lost in all the noise to wrap this up I'm giving Black Adam a score of 5 out of 10 which on our scale means it's a mediocre movie just kind of nah cry as it might to capture lightning in the bottle. 

Black Adam never manages to find its spark, went all out with the lightning puns when you get a chance to see Black Adam. 

Let us know you'r thoughts about it  in the comments. 

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