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15 interesting Avatar 2, The way of water, facts that will blow your mind.

15 interesting facts about avatar 2


Hey everyone Avatar guy here Avatar the way of water has been one of the biggest film productions in history and has revolutionary filmmaker James Cameron directing to help you appeciate the Brilliance of  Avatar 2 here are 15 interesting facts that I really think you should know fact one pandora is a huge wold the original Avator primarily features two main environments the pandora jungle. 

And the floating mountains bit these are a small part of a much bigger world you can think of pandora as similar to earth a place with many unique animals climates and landscapes in Avatar 2. 

1. We will finally get to see the oceans of pandora but did you know that other avatar media has confirmed deserts and snowy mountains this is by no means your typical Blockbuster sci-fi world where each planet has a single biome instead. 

We. have pandora a ,massive and varied world.

2. Underwater motion capture was invested for avatar 2. the ordinary way filmmakers shoot underwater scenes is by suspending actors from cables then adding CGI water afterwrads James Cameron is not a fan of this technique at all and believes it doesn't look real. 

So in true Cameron fashion he got a team together and invested a completely new technology and process the underwater motion capture in Avatar 2 involved a 900 0000 gallon water tank actors trained to free dive thousands of balls used to block light and some crazy new camera system I won't even pretend to understand from reactions to private screens. 

I've ever had 2 footage this innovation seems to be mesmerising audience. 

3. Three a one billion dollar budget avatar 2's budget is part of a mega deal where 20th century fox gave Ames Cameron and his production company like slime entertainment one billion dollars  to make avatar two three four and five Cameron was basically given 250 million dollars for each one of the four movies which when you consider the original avatar made 2.8 billion 250 million a movie could be the bargain of the century. 

4. Some characters are back from dead unsurprisingly a bunch of characters in the first movie are back for the sequel this includes Jake knitters Selfridge and norm but what's really interesting is that some characters who died in the original avatar are back in ways only possible in science fiction correct Wayne fleet who if you member died in the first movie. 

Things you didn't know about Avatar 2

5. A back as recombinants which are avatar bodies embedded with the memories of Maries who have died we also have a new character kiri played by sign weaver who has some connection to DR Grace Augustine who also died and was  also played by sign weaver sorry to all the studio fans though he's still dead five courage is back for all the avatar sequels here's what James Cameron has to say there's not  a new villain every time which is interesting same guy same with through all four movies. 

He's so good and he just gets better I know Stephen lang is going to knock this out of the pack end quote so it looks like courage is back and ;he's bigger bluer and angrier than ever give me the goosebumps. 

the sequel was originally going to be released in 2016. 

6. Instead we've had some delays moving the rim to December 2022 while these delays have been frustrating for fans I think the additional time spent on avatar 2 is definitely a reason to be excited just imagine how amazing the visuals are going to be. 

7. The scale is on the level of the lord of the Rings James Cameron has compared the movies to a lord of the rings that is to say it will be a giant saga with lots of depth the probe though was the Lord of the Rings movies had a foundation of books whereas avatar did not before scriptwriting even began James Cameron wrote a gigantic 1500 page document that then worked as a kind of encyclopaedia for the world of avatar. 

8. Each avatar sequel works as a standalone movie this means you won't have to have seen any of the other movies to enjoy the one you're watching it won't be like the MCU where if you haven't seen infinity war you wouldn't really understand endgame James Cameron and John landau have been very clear that they've made these movies with the intention of each being a self- contained story. 

This isn't the first time Cameron has done this plenty of people who never saw alien or the terminator enjoyed watching aliens and Terminator 2. 

9. A huge new cast the sequels will introduce a whole new cast of characters there's cliff Curtis and Kate Winslow who are playing tonawari and ronal of the mechanic tribe Eddie Falco is playing a general in the RDA army we also have Michele your and Jeremaine Clement both playing scientist with clement playing a marine biologist who is one of Cameron's favourite characters in the sequel we also can't forget all the new sully family children that we've seen in the promotional material. 

10. Some big names turn down roles Ed Norton and josh broil both turned down rules in the upcoming avatar sequels ed Norton did want to be in the movie as an RV unfortunately the James Cameron only had human characters in mind it did end up appearing in a later battle angel as a little cameo though we don't know why josh broil didn't accept his role maybe 

He didn't want to do it anymore after doing motion capture for thanks but let's hope he doesn't endup regretting it like matt Damon who turned down the road of Jake sully. 

And still regrets it to this day that's true. 

11. James Cameron thinks the avatar sequels are going to blow your socks off Cameron has been slowly hyping up the sequels in the past few years he's gone on record saying that avatar sequels are the Manhattan project of movie making. 

And that when you see them in the camera you go Into yourself with your mouth wide open if these claims were from any other director I think that they were being crazy. 

But this James Cameron we're talking about he knows how to an audience. 

12. Fans have been counting down avatar 2. for over 2 200 days in fact that's a long time so ;long that at some points the countdown even went backwards. 

When the film was delayed people didn't lose faith though they kept going and the community and the memes hat have been created are amazing and I am sure that avatar 2 will be worth the wait. 

13. The composer of the original died in plane crash in 2015 mining that the man who created the music for the original avatar and also did the music for titanic is no longer with us this has obviously seddedened. 

Many ans myself included however there is hope as his apprentice and longtime collaborator Simon Franklin has taken over as composer for the sequels he helped create the music for pandora the world of avatar and for those of us who've heard that music it's a reason to be. 

hopeful that Simon can do Hannah proud 

14. Avatar 2 will use a new kind of motion technology the film are being presented in something called variable frame rate this means the frame rate can be increadeds only when it's needed in high movement hots. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing this technology in the cinema especially the action scenes. 

15. It made Zoe Saldana cry the actress who plays neuter said that she was Brough to tera seeing 20 minutes of avatar 2 footage. 

She's not actually the only cats member who said this Stephen land also said that he found himself teary-eyed when he was reading through his character arc this gives us a real sense of how emotionally impactful these movies are ,. 

And just how attached these actors are to their characters. 

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