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Yanga SC squad which start today with Namungo FC/ Yanga SC VS Namungo
Simba SC squad which start today with Chipukizi/ Simba SC VS Chipukizi.
Today Newspapers 8/1/2021 Friday/ Sven left Simba SC/ Simba VS Chipukizi FC.
Simba SC released exclusive news about  coach Sven vandenbroeck/ Matola to take place
The whole story coach Sven to terminate contract  with Simba SC the whole story is here.
All goals/ Azam FC 1 - 1 Mlandege FC
Goal strike needed by Yanga SC signed contract with Simba SC.
Africa Champions League/ Timetable/ Simba SC to compete with this big club
Club qualified for group stage in Africa Champions League/ Simba SC in.